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Anyone want a Vacuum Pump?

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  • Anyone want a Vacuum Pump?

    It's a 220V unit, that might be a pain for some people. A 110V unit would be much simpler.

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    Bobby, i might take you up on that offer. I was running a similar gast pump up until last week when i let a buddy use it. Little did i know that he was gona try to pump water through it[]. So the vanes shattered inside it, lucky he didn't electricute himself!! It was an expensive pump, so i want to look into replacing the vanes. I'll do some research and see if yours will fit in my model.
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      I dont know what the vanes would run on that particular pump, but I know when we would rebuild some of the vaccuum pumps that they use at the hospital (a substanially bigger pump) I recall those vanes costing an arm and a leg if we were to break one. And since we were already at the hospital, they could take the arm and leg right there.[]
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        I can always look forward to sound wisdom at the bottom of KjnDivers posts. Hehe! Keep them coming.

        I might have to buy one of those pumps. I put 3 220V outlets inthe garage on purpose.
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          [88][88] KJNDIVER's good isn't he. HeHe[88][88]

          Those Gast pumps don't come cheap. When I checked they were about $1200.

          I used one once. They pull a lot of vacuum, but the model that I used wouldn't pull a lot of volume. Volume is what you need when doing this stuff to boats.