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  • Ed Mancini Please Chime in.

    I belive it was you that said you saw a Honda break a timming belt from hitting something in the water?

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    Hey Bobby-

    Sorry but I don't think it was me.....not much of an engine guy. Just know that my 1998 Suzuki 225 EFi with 500+ hours is running good and just got a clean bill of health from the doctor.



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      Think that was me. Had a customer who had a new four stroke (may have been a Honda, new job since then and havn't talked to him in quite a while), had to be about this time two years ago(?). Hit a substantial piece of lumber while running the beach early in the morning looking for stripers.

      He was PISSED. Engine basically ate the valve train. Not a warranty issue when you hit something, becomes an insurance gig and as I remember, I think he was thin on it and didnt fair well. Engine had less than 100 hours at time of impact.
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        makorider Thanks. I knew it was somebody that had been here a while. I'm going to copy and past what you wrote to that thread.[]