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gas tank & Transom question

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  • gas tank & Transom question

    Recently I purchased a 1993 191. I have read several posts

    on fuel tank replacement.

    The tank has not been replaced. How much longer will the tank

    typically last before I need to replace? No evidence of any leaking

    currently....just wondering

    The second question... Again after reading the posts I feel that

    maybe the transoms need to be monitored for rotting. The prior owner

    moved the transducer two times. The screws are 4200 into the transom.

    Should I remove the unused screws & fill with 5200 ?

    Thanks for your advice.

    Capt Bobb

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    Should be fine sealed with 4200, as long as they are sealed.

    On the gas tank - if it ain't broke... don't fix it.

    don't worry it will eventually go and you can replace it then.
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      Capt. Bob,

      I had to replace the fuel tank in my 1974 17 back in the spring of 2000. She lasted 26 years before she corroded through. She started leaking while I had the boat in the Keys for a vacation with my dad, who bought the boat new in 1974. When I pulled it out, there were 2 or 3 areas of corrosion. Maybe the 1265 mile ride down I-95 helped loosen it up, but at least it waited until the second to last day of the trip to start leaking.

      You are good to go for several more years.[8D]
      Chris Miller[br]Mystic Islands, NJ[br]1974 17 Classic[br]1988 211 Classic (sold)[br]1990 Grady White 230 Gulfstream (sold)[br][img][br]


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        Hi cg,

        Is your 17 a standard or an angler?


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          Hi Gary,

          My boat is a Standard. I have to say that she is my favorite. Having owned 7 other boats, aside from the 17CC, it will always have a special place in my heart. My father bought it when I was 7 years old and I will keep it until the transom rots off. It may be getting it's 4th engine some time soon. This time last year Dad bought a 2002 19 Mako CC. What a beautiful boat. The added beam and gunnel hight makes it seem like such a bigger boat. He was really happy with the boat this season with the exception of water entering the hull while running into a sea at trolling speeds. We thought it may have been the anchor locker drain, but after caulking it, he still took on water. Next spring we will caulk the rub rail as that is the only other place water could be getting into the boat. Mako really turned things around with the fit and finish of the boat.

          Chris Miller

          Mystic Islands, NJ
          Chris Miller[br]Mystic Islands, NJ[br]1974 17 Classic[br]1988 211 Classic (sold)[br]1990 Grady White 230 Gulfstream (sold)[br][img][br]