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    I always said I want an old Mako with a new engine. I found one. I'm looking at a 1973 (year younger than me) 23 Mako forward cuddy with a new 350 I/O. Beautiful boat. What should I look for when deciding to purchase? Where is the wood? How can I check if the foam has become water logged. I plan on having the boat surveyed if I get serious, but I want to look it over to see if I should get serious. Searched the board and found some advice, but nothing aimed specifically at the 23 cuddy. Anyone out there with a similar boat? Advice? Since I was born, I've dreamed of owning one of these. I don't want my dream to turn into a nightmare.

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    The wood is everywhere. Transom, stringers, floor, console, you name it.

    The only way to check the foam is to cut into the boat and check it.

    If things were installed on the transom then you may have water in there. Most people over the years, unfotunately, do not seal these screw holes properly.

    The best advice that I can give is to tell you to get a surveyor.
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      The 23' with an I/O is a great riding and handling boat. Be careful at the transom. The only area where there is wood is in the area of the outdrive. To either side ( where the transom cuts back in ) there is no wood. I recently found this out when I went to relocate the power steering pump. It had originally been mounted to the deck and the base plate rotted away. I positioned it up on the transom and drilled through with no wood. As for the foam being saturated, I approached the seller and asked that he cut access plates in the deck to verify that the foam was dry. I placed one at each rear corner by the bulkhead and one to each side of the center console.

      To my surprise the foam was in fact dry. Check the areas on the gunwalls and forward deck and as already stated the stringers.

      What kind of out drive is on the boat? and how old is the engine?

      Good Luck
      Hugs Tug [br]2007 SteigerCraft 23\' Miami W/ 225 Suzuki[br]Former 1973, 23 Mako C/C with I/O[br]Mattituck[br]Long Island N.Y.