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  • New owner needs advice.....

    I just purchased a 1978 Mako 231/8 that has been modified by removing the I/O, mounting a "Gill bracket" and a 1996 Johnson 150hp O/B. I plan to clean it up, replacing the damaged teak, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has a source for old owner's manuals, or can give me advice on how to keep the cuddy cabin, bench seat storage, and live well from filling with water (boat is on a trailer at the present, but still wet in those areas). Also, the mess of tubing and shut-off valves at the transom is confusing, to say the least.

    Any advice/comments/help will be appreciated. I am starting a web page that will document the changes as they progress at

    Ed Duda ([email protected])

    Deerfield Beach, FL

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    I think you're gonna need a little more engine.
    Houston, TX[br]1975 Mako 23


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      I agree. The 150hp is really not going to move that boat very well.

      As for the waret leakage, check all the screw and bolt penetrations on the deck.

      Good Luck
      Hugs Tug [br]2007 SteigerCraft 23\' Miami W/ 225 Suzuki[br]Former 1973, 23 Mako C/C with I/O[br]Mattituck[br]Long Island N.Y.