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battery charging.....will this work?

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  • battery charging.....will this work?

    I'm looking for an easier way to connect that battery charger to the two batteries installed under the console in my 19 Mako. Its a tight squeeze between the seats and the deck always seems to be wet when I have to hook up the charger.

    I'm running 2 group 24 batteries connected to a perko 2 position switch.

    Can I install one half of a trolling motor plug on the console, connect the hot lead to the main post on my battery switch, run the black wire to the negitive side of one battery?(I run a jumper between the negs on each battery) Then replace the spring clips on a 10 amp charger w/ the other half of the trolling motor plug.

    My thoughts are that I can just plug the charger into the recepticle and use the battery switch to direct the charge to the battery that needs a boost. Other than possibly adding a breaker on the hot side. Am I missing anything? It seems like it should work...but I have never heard of it being done.
    1977 19B, 1995 175 Johnson. Currently in Central Illinois

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    That will work just fine. That's good thinking. That is pretty much the way you charge the battery on a fork lift. It does have a diffrent style connector, but there is only one way it will fit so you don't charge a battery backwards.[] Did you know a battery could be charged backwards?


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      These are nice:
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        That charge pro is what I have. They make a plug to mount in the console specifically for those models. Very easy to install.
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          id="Comic Sans MS">Yup. I agree. The on-board chargers are a nice convenience. But since the boat is on a trailer next to my garage and I already have an extra charger it seems like an unnecessary additional expense. $25 for the plug vs. $200+ for the Guest. Rather save the whompum for an extra day or two on the water. Thanks for the confirmation, Warthog5
          1977 19B, 1995 175 Johnson. Currently in Central Illinois