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    if the buyer pays for a survey, who typically pays to have the boat taken out of the water and put back in for survey inspection? buyer or seller?

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    Buyer. He's the one that wants to inspect it.


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      I'd say seller. He's the one that want's to sell it. You have the leverage, unless you need his boat more than he needs to sell it. Worth asking for anyway.
      -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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        Pulling a boat can cost some money. Were talking about a boat big enough that needs a travel lift to pull. The buyer wants it survayed. he hires a survayer to do a inspection before the boat is pulled. If that checks out, then the boat is pulled to complete the inspection. Every boat that I know of the buyer pays to pull it. If the boat still checks out and the deal goes thru. they bottom is cleaned and painted while it's out of the water.

        On trailer boats this is not near as big of a deal.


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          Probably sold at least 30 boats to 45' through the years and never paid for the pulls. Most of them were pretty and I didn't dicker much on any of them. Also never had a problem show up after the boats were pulled. I was a good guy to buy a boat from. I did sit on a couple of them until the knowledgeable buyer came along who recognized the quality, but not often. Held out too long for the money a couple of times and I and the prospective new owner came up short.
          Jim in Sarasota


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            I see....I was stuck on my leetle 20' on a trailer and not thinking about something the size of which is being contemplated here. Can't even begin to think about a 45' boat at this point. []


            Charlotte, NC

            1985 20C
            -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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              Buyer. If you were buying a house would you expect the seller to pay for a home inspection?
              \'81 21\' CC Mako[br]Beaufort, NC


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                It's definetely the buyer...and having the buyer pay for it helps with the independence of the surveyor. In other words, he's clearly working for you, the buyer.
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                  When I bought my Parker, the seller agreed to cover 1/2 the cost of the survey. It was his suggestion, and I went with it. []
                  Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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                    As a broker, I can say with authority that it is customary for the buyer to pay for all costs associated with the survey and sea trial, including the Captain's fee for larger boats, and sometimes even fuel. However, aggreements between the buyer and seller are commonplace concerning "who pays what". I have been paid by the brokerage firms for Captaining larger vessels for the survey/sea trial and haul out, and the buyer paid for the surveyor.

                    This said, be advised that the surveyor works for whomever is paying him. A friendly seller or broker will certainly suggest a surveyor, but it is usually one who always produces a survey beneficial to the seller. Make sure that the surveyor understands that he works for you. The report that he generates is also yours only as product you paid for.

                    Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL