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  • wanting bigger hull

    I've been kicking the idea of getting a bigger hull around for a while now but haven't done anything about it besides reading forums. I would like to get my hands on a 221 or 231 if someone wanted to get rid of one. I've got a 1973 20' mako with a 2002 225 optimax which has been flawless. I would have to fabricate a plate to compensate for the shaft differences. If anyone would be interested in trading hulls and being compensated the differnce in value or just selling a hull, let me know. I would like to keep it within a day drive of South Louisiana. My 20 footer was redone in 93 with an extra 40 gallon tank added (total now 80), console raised 8", and a new floor put in. The transom is sound. I tried bouncing on the lower unit with it trimmed up and nothing moved. I've enjoyed this forum without ever writing in for quite a while. I guess I should buy a shirt now and start writing in about my fishing trips. Thanks for all the info ya'll have shared.


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    I just moved up to a 221 from a 17 last month. My knees and ankles are thankful for the move because they no longer get pounded. You'll love the boat if you get one too.
    St. Pete Beach, FL


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      I would think that with all the hurricanes that rolled thru Florida and your area that there should be a few Mako hulls around with bad motors. When you find one, spend the time to fix her up right (while you keep fishing on your boat) and then when she is ready, swap over that Optimax and buy a lower unit extension and you'll be all set.

      I used to have a Mako 201 and the ride on my Mako 231 blows away the 201.

      Good luck.