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1993 191 Fuel Tank

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  • 1993 191 Fuel Tank

    Wondering if the interior of the 60 gallon tank in the 191 is lined with fiberglass or is it stainless, starting to see some rust deposit in my raycor filter. Friends are telling me that it is fiberglass, looks to me that it is all metal.

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    Take a good look at what you think is rust. I thought that for several years and found out it was the broken down particles from the foam that surrounded the gas fill tube. The salt had eaten through the tube and when gas was added to the tank the foam must have contained it for several years and but eventually it ate it's way enough so that I could smell gas under the CC and in the bilge. The foam particles are more sparkley and have a shape, size, and consistancy like beach sand. Hope this helps -

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]