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I've figured this site out!!!!!

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  • I've figured this site out!!!!!

    I have finally put a finger on why I like this site so much. I have been using this forum since the very beginning. I have also spent time on a number of other fishing and boating sites. This forum is better than any of them.

    I have finally figured it out. The people on this site are DOERS we are not a bunch of talkers.

    I have found that virtually every other forum site is nothing but a bunch of blowhard knowitalls arguing back and forth over who is more knowlegable or who can talk the best game.

    Meanwhile we are out walking the walk and building our boats and reporting back on our progress. This has resulted in what has become more of a mutual admiration society of Mako owners. Heres to keeping it this way!

    PS. Now all we have to do is get Ring to get back to work on his boat and posting progress reports.[8D]

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    Ring's a long way from working on his boat-he's really got his hands full with the new house and baby


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      Maybe we could have a big party over at his house to help him out?[:x)][:x)]

      Hmmmmmmmm! Do I want to baby sit and change $hitty diapers or grind fiberglass.[xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(]

      All kidding aside. Your dead on mako224.


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        Plus they dont have a warthog!!![][]
        1997 232B 2017 suzuki 250 \"ROCK BOTTOM\"[br] [br]


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          Actually a couple of them do.


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            Amen to your 1st post!! I get sick of reading all the post on other sites from guys who "know it all"
            1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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              Its turned out to be better than I ever imagined it would. Always some good reading to be found here. Keep up the good posting!

              Don't plan on seeing any updates until January or so. Between the baby and the house... I'm swamped. But I'll get back on track sooner or later. Theres alot of updates I'd like to do to the webpage too, but just don't have the time. Anyone wanna help me move in a few weeks???
              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                I'd love to help Ring. Just a little tooo far from Pasadena, Tx.

                Larry Smith

                Pasadean, Tx

                '97 Mako 191
                Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191