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    I presently have a "Sierra" Fuel/Water Separator on my 211. Does anyone know if the "Rancor" bowl types are interchangable. On my last trip to West Marina, I tried messing around wth their display units and it seemed like they were interchangable, but I am wondering if anyone had changed over.
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    There has to be a cross over. Racor makes some very good stuff even if it costs a little more.
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      According to a friend of mine who works for a DELCO distributor that also handles alot of marine and offshore equipment, Racore makes the elements of most of the filters on the market. I'd say there has to be a magic number somewhere.

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        If you have a seirra spin on filter check to see if it is for a OMC product or a Mercury product. Or just sierra. Racor makes several types: spin on type with sight glass for both omc, mercury, volvo, yamaha. []


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          I have a 25' CC Mako. I replaced my Seirra spin-on with a Racor. The Racor I use has a blue plastic water bowl at the base, with a twist drain. Very nice filter but 3 times the price of the Seirra. Take one of your Seirra filters to a Racor shop and match it up.The spin-on has a choice of two thread sizes. Taking an old one saves a 50/50 trip back. West Marine is a great place but I know there are places that sell Racors for much less. Any suggestions boys???

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            I really havn't priced this site, but have been told they offer great pricing on Racor filters.

            When we bought the 26, we put new racor heads on and the powdercat promptly peeled from the crappy finish on the castings. I complained to Racor and got new heads and a box of a dozen filters, so I really havn't had to shop for them in quite awhile!
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              Seems Boatersworld is about 20% cheaper on everything.