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Installing a thru hull transduced

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  • Installing a thru hull transduced

    I would like to install a thru hull transducer on my 1996 Mako 263 but I am afraid that it will cause cavitation on one of my outboard engines if I install in the wrong place. The hull has the intergral transom design and mounting the ducer on the transom is not a good option I think. I have installed a Lowrence ducer epoxy'ed to the inside of the hull but it is not too good in the deep water. Any thoughts?[?]


    Joe Signorelli

    1996 Mako 263 T-200 OMC's

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    Mine is currently installed below the starboard hatch in the its kindof in the corner where it cant cavitate an engine.

    It works decently there, though when trolling in a chop it seems to get alot of bubbles over it, I think. I can also feel it when at speed, I have to use tab to correct the drag it causes.

    I've very much wanted to box it into the keel, and if I have time thats my spring project this year. Warthog just did his...and of course, did it very much right. Check out his boat (x shark) on the custom page, he's got some good step by step pics of what he did.
    1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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      My thru hull transducer is mounted thru the keel 18" to 24" in front of the transom and does not produce cavitation or air bubbles. I assume that it is too far back and too low to pull air in. Also, I suspect that it is too close to the transom to allow the turbulence from it to get to the wheels in a twin engine configuration. So, therfore, I should think it would work well for you. By the way, I've run the 140,s for two years (400+ hrs) and could not be happier.

      That being said, it certainly would not work to keel mount the transdcer for a single engine configuration.
      Ole Joe
      Just floundering around
      Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
      1978 Mako 25, Sold