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    Hey guys, if all goes as planned by this next weekend I will be the the owner of a 1975 25' Mako. She is old in years but she has been offshore less than 25 times. She has been kept inside a shop all of her life and has never been exposed to the weather except for the few times she was fished. I have known the owner all my life and other than being very dirty she has been maintained really well.

    After a good cleaning my first project will be to remove the boat name that is painted on her sides and transom.

    How can I remove this paint.

    Thanks, Mark
    76 Mako 25 W/Twin 150 suzukis[br]Jennings,La

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    Try Easy Off Oven Cleaner. A lot of guys claim this works great and you may have it laying around the house. You will then probably have to use rubbing compound to get off the "Image" (there is a better name for this but I can't think of it)of were it was.
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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      I can tell you that Easy Off Oven cleaner will take the paint off of an engine block in your car, as well as the grease.[:x)]


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        Thanks Wilson and Warthog for the suggestion. I'm going to try it on a small area.

        Man I love this site, got a question , get an answer.

        Thanks again, Mark
        76 Mako 25 W/Twin 150 suzukis[br]Jennings,La


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          Mark - sounds like your found a diamond in the rough. Can't wait to see some pics. My boat also had a name painted on the side and here are some pictures of the before and after. Easy Off oven cleaner is definitely the way to go.

          1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
          1985 Mako 20c - sold
          Fort Walton Beach, FL


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            Mark - That is unbelievable. It is hard enough to find an original 25, but to find one that has been kept inside is remarkable. Good job!
            Ole Joe
            Just floundering around
            Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
            1978 Mako 25, Sold