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Repowering the 94' 201 CC

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  • Repowering the 94' 201 CC

    Later, rather than sooner - to repower my 94 Mako 201 CC.

    Current power is 94' 150hp Johnson Ocean Pro.

    Cruises at 24mph at 4,200 rpm. Tops out at 34mph given T Top.

    Starting to consider best re power options.

    Suggestions welcome !!

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    Hey Bennett, You have a few options. If you want to keep the motor lite there have been good reports on the Bomb E-teck's. Now if it was money [] I'd be looking real hard at a Suzuki 200hp 4 stroke. You can save a little money if you buy the Johnson 200hp 4 stroke. You will save on not having to replace the control benicle. Guages will need to be swaped.


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      Thanks - any idea of performance to be expected with the various 200's - cruise speed / WOT / fuel consumption ?

      I'm really enjoying the boat ( I've had it approx. 2 mos )

      and figure I'll like it even more with potential to cruise faster

      at lower rpm, and push well over the 40mph mark top end.

      Included in the re power goal is reliability for using as single

      power source to run up to 20- 30 miles offshore, and reasonable

      cost. I'm also considering one of the better rebuilders for a used

      such as Blackbird Co. in PA. Additional ideas / comments ?