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    My new baby is finally in my yard.[]

    I purchased a 1983 Mako 224 over the internet just before Christmas and finally got to touch it 2 days ago. The boat was up in New Jersey and every time I had a chance to go get it the weather went to hell.

    Having bought a new trailer from a dealer up there, I gave the old trailer to a buddy who followed me up to pull both rigs home to Virginia. We took the Lewes/Cape May ferry both ways....what a trip. The ferry had to break ice for approx. 1/8 of a mile to get in to the Cape May Landing.

    When we got to Mantoloking, NJ we picked up the new trailer and headed over to the brokers to get the boat. Both of the guys I had been dealing with had gotten on a yacht that morning to take it to Florida but had told me to just check with the marina next door and that they would have things all set up for me. I inquired at the Marina office about the boat.....No one in the office knew anything about it including the marina manager. Needless to say, after a 5 1/2 hour trip I was not a happy puppy. One of the girls said she would check with the yard manager and see if he knew anything about the boat or where it was located. Relief finally struck when he said he knew all about it and for me to come on back to his office deep in the boatyard.

    I finally spotted the boat out beyond his building, It looked pretty sad in amongst all those 30+ footers dressed up in their winter wrap.

    There it sat...uncovered...with a foot of ice and snow all over it and in it as well. We litterally froze our butts off getting slings under it and lifting it to the new trailer. The old trailer was frozen to the ground and we had to break it loose to get things moving. I love it when things work like clockwork.

    We pulled both rigs to another icy fenced in area and parked them, taking my buddy's truck to a friend's house to crash for the nite. (After a few beers)(and a few more for the trip back home the next morning)

    Actually things went pretty well the next morning except for a few minor things. My new 1996 F150 302 c.i. would only get up to about 58 mph with a boat full of snow and ice as well as a 25 knot headwind. On a New Jersey turnpike with a 65 mph speed limit...this is not cool. Especially when I lugged down to 45 getting up the overpasses. Then it wanted to run 90 mph coming down the other side. I was a little white knuckled coming down that first ramp, but we had the tongue weight about right and we tracked pretty straight. My concerns about the hard T-Top flying off quickly vanished.

    Well, we made it the hundred miles down to the ferry without further incident. I even had a foot of clearance under the second deck of the ferry. The rig was about 12 feet high with the mast light on the T-Top. The 90 minute ferry ride was the easiest boat towing I have ever done. I really needed a beer but we had over 100 miles left to the trip.

    When we headed out of Delaware, 2 things happened....I found it easier and easier to maintain a decent speed, but my buddy who was pulling the other trailer behind me kept falling back till he was almost 1/4 of a mile behind. I finally slowed down to a crawl and let him pull up alongside. I asked him if he was OK and he said that the boat was thawing out so fast that it was spraying the hell outta his windshield as well as flying chunks of snow hitting him every few minutes. All I can say is that the load seemed to lighten up at least 1000 pounds coming thru Del. and Md.

    Well to cut things short, we got on home without further issue.

    To my surprize, It sure looked like a different boat when I got it home. The real irony was that under all that snow was a great looking boat with a tailor made boat cover rolled up and lashed down in the splash well. A lotta good that did, huh?

    The boat is great, The 200 hp (er. JOHNSON...sry Eddie et. al.) engine fired right up and all the electronics fired up as well. It was getting dark so I started flipping the light switches...every light worked including the cockpit lights (amazing). We started playing with the remote searchlight up on the T-Top and got the mayor out of her house about a block away. LOL

    It was cold as heck again today so all of the snow didn't melt out of the boat.

    The other thing that didn't melt was the grin that I've had on my face all day today.[] Man! It's great to finally have a Mako in the yard. Now if the town ramp will thaw out, I'll even find out if it floats. [!] Project posts coming soon.
    1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.

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    i live on mantoloking road which marina did the boat from i wonder if i know the boat. post some pictures.....[?]


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      You are gonna love the 224!!!!!!! Im not kidding when I say it is the best 22 foot fishingboat layout on the planet. On your way down the Garden State Parkway you passed within 3 miles of where my 224 is sitting with snow on the cover here in Ocean City NJ.


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        Congrats on the new boat. Get those pics up right away as we cant wait to see them. It's always a memorable occasion when you go to get that new boat. I went to Lake Mead near LasVegas to get my SeaCraft. The fella I bought it from drove it over from Arizona. We test drove it on the lake and went to the dam. It was an awsome sunny beautiful day. everything went well with the 12 hour drive back to N. California. Once again Congrats

        Oakley, California


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          Glad to here it. Need pix's[]


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            Can't wait to see some pictures
            Ron[br]26 Regulator CC[br] \"Blood Shot\"[br]Mt Laurel & Tuckerton NJ[br]


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              Thanks for the kind words guys. She was at Winters Marina Gear Head.

              Here she is as I found her except for the foot of snow in her.

              1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.


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                Awesome! I'm a big fan!
                Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                  Alright, Yea!

                  Let's see pull the windshield frame and repaint or powdercoat it.

                  get you some Hony Teak to coat the teak wood on it and double check for leaks on that swimstep.[]


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                    Paint the windshield frame black.

                    Remove the swim platform.

                    Remove ALL teak.

                    Polish hull with Finess-it.



                    Bottom Paint

                    Put it in the water.

                    That rig looks like it is in great shape. If you don't mind saying, what were the damages?


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                      Mako 224: I dropped 8.5k on it plus the new trailer...sure sounds better than 85k on some other sites... lol

                      Yepper I gotta do all of the above and I was looking at the name "SMOKER" in a gray with a black drop shadow.

                      I want to add a 1" gray boot stripe with a black pinstripe just above it leaving a lil white in between with new black bottom paint.[]

                      The teak is all there and it's stayin...Should refinish great.

                      Wife said she wanted the swim platform to stay. This one is a little shabby so EDDIE! you may have a buyer![:0]

                      I'll look for Finess-it for a polish...any other tips for buffing out the hull and restoring the teak and brightening up the rails is appreciated.

                      Thanks again guys
                      1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.


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                        Congratulations Fishbait. Spring won't come soon enough for you this year. Good job!

                        Just floundering around,

                        Ole Joe
                        Just floundering around
                        Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
                        1978 Mako 25, Sold


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                          I'd be glad to get it out of the attic.
                          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                            If the engine is in half descent shape you got a great deal. Here in Jersey I would expect that rig to normally go for around $14,000.


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                              Wow..... Shes a bute! Nice hardtop too!! no wonder you are all happy [] I think your wife would be much happier with a larger swim platform therefore I'd close the transom and put on a bracket with a 6' swim platform. It's going to cost some bucks but you got a steal of a price anyway. Tell her you are doing it for her and she may not mind you spending the extra $$ []Once again Congrats!!

                              Oakley, California