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Defining Hull Draft?

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  • Defining Hull Draft?

    I have a 1973 Mako 17 w/ 7" of hull draft and 115hp Johnson.

    Looking at a 1980 Mako 23 w/ 10" of hull draft w/ twin 120hp Johnsons.

    How does someone measure hull draft and what difference in shallow water operation will I see both at idle and on top. Thanks for your input.
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    First Welcome Aboard Pirates Run.[] please puy your hometown,state in your siginature. It helps us help you.

    You didn't say what model 23 for a 1980?

    Here's the list for draft.

    235 = 10in.

    236 Inboard = 24in

    238 Walk Around = 14in.

    The Draft listed mean's that the boat will sink X# of inch's in the water. So add 1 more inch and it will float. This is with the motors tilted up. You understand this is what the factory listed with Nothing in the boat. Your results may differ. Just like car gas milage 16 city 22 highway. Does that help?



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      Welcome aboard.

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        Welcome pirate, hooray for 17s![88]

        Where ya from?
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