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Snaking transducer lines and such

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  • Snaking transducer lines and such

    Any suggestions on how to best snake transducer cables and such from

    the transom of my 94' 201 to the console ?

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    Use one of these.


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      What I did when I re-wire my old Robalo....I took one of the wires to the bulge pump and used it to pull a small rope. Then I used the rope to pull all my new wires I pulled in two more small ropes for next time. I ending up needing one of them when I upgraded my depth finder. Pulled another new rope in with the transducer cable too.

      You can never have too many down there. I pulled in the extra one incase one rotted.
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        Hi BGREENE-

        That device that Warthog posted works good. However, if you don't want to spend $20-30 on it, you can just by the wire insert for it from True Value hardware for about $5. I have one and it works well....the only downside is that you have to coil it up by hand when done.



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          It's kinda hard to beat this price ITEM 38156-3VGA

          $4.99 []


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            I did most of the rewiring using the same method Captn C used. After I ran out of wires I that I could run back and forth I pulled through a small (1/16") nylon line that remains in the tube, with one end wrapped around the fuel guage under the console and one end wrapped around the thru-hull transducer, with plenty of slack on both ends. If you do this you never have to worry about it again... just leave it as a permanent fixture on the boat.
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              I use an old control cable, just the inside, which is solid strand s.s. wire. if that doesnt work, I use pitot tubing. a little soapy water, and always leave an extra pull rope in there.
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                I've been a snaking fool lately. I have two of the snakes that Bobby posted and they work great but there are sone areas were they wont work so I'll use rope or heavy gague electrical wire. Basicly what ever works for the application.

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