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anyone know of this paint? Hekorspies or Hekorspec

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  • anyone know of this paint? Hekorspies or Hekorspec

    Has anyone heard of the german paint called something like "Hekorspies or Hekorspec?" I did an internet search and could not find anything. I am probably spelling the name wrong.

    I guess this paint is a german acrylic urethane that is second to none. A local tower/t-top/pipe manufacturer uses it on his products and absolutely loves it. Supposedly, it is better than Awlgrip

    I have a call into him to find out the name & spelling. Thinking about using it to repaint the windshield on my Mako this winter.

    If anyone else is thinking of doing this....maybe we can split the cost of a quart???


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    try Spies-Hecker, its used in autobody repair.


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      Mike's got it.[] I knew that what he was talking about. I've heard of it and that's all. I don't know anything else about it. I would think that they would make more than one line of paint, like PPG, Dupont and RM.


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        Thanks gents.



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          Sometime you should try the two part urathanes. Dupont emron is one but now several are available aftermarket. Anytime you use a catalist in a paint it makes it much stronger that a air dry paint.

          I painted my 20a in bright white urathane from auto-value parts store. it is about 70 bucks a gallon including hardener. This stuff is almost as tough as gellcoat. Just a old autobody man is all.

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            Hi guys-

            Thanks for the info. I am very familiar with two part linear and acrylic urethanes....I used to work part-time at a boat restoration facility that used Awlgrip, Awlcraft, Imron and some others.

            The Spies-Hecker paint was something I have never heard of though. I guess it is made in Australia and is very flexible. However, I if it wears the same as Awlgrip, Awlcraft after a few seasons. Ever seen an Awlgripped (especially a dark color) hull whose fenders have rubbed against the hull for a season or two? The contact areas are faded and worn...

            In my opinion, I really prefer gelcoat on hulls....but applying it after the hull is out of the mold is a lot of work and does not offer the same chemical bond.


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              The Awlgrip 2000 is the same stuff as PPG Concept. As to the fenders on a boat. I read a story where guy bought a new large boat. He decided to buy new fenders as the old one's looked bad. The new one's had stiffer pleates molded vertical in them. They rubbed the gellcoat off of his new boat.

              The point is that not all fenders are the same.