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  • Do I pull the trigger?

    Buying a 1989 26' W/A w/twin 200hp (same year)

    boat kept in great shape, LOADED w/ electronics

    was a guide boat over 800' hours, proffesionally maintained

    no trailer, no hard top

    live in the west coast, boat is in the east coast

    cannot get engines properly surveyed cause of weather and the engines have been winterized

    hauling cost will be around $3 to $4k

    so maybe I have to replace the engines in a year or two

    what is this boat worth?

    I think I can get it for $15k

    what do I do?

    thanks Jeff

    [email protected]

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    I don't know what that particular boat is worth myself, but I'd definitely start by finding out the expected blue book value of it. ...darn, I can't find the URL, but maybe one of the other fine gents around here has it handy.

    Anyone care to comment?

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      If I were you, I would a wait a couple of months till spring thaw so that I could have those engines surveyed. Considering their age, they are near the end of their useful life.

      Unless you have $25 lying around for new engines, that is what I would do.

      As for the asking price, $15k seems about right, it really depends on the engines. But you need to factor in the shipping costs of 3K. Where on the west coast do you live? Southern Cal??? You should be able to find a nice mako out there.


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        1989 26' W/A with twin 200's $15000

        shipping cost $ 3-4 grand

        owning a Mako priceless

        All kiding aside the price on the mako is good if the motors check out,and the boat is solid.You really need to go and look at it real close.If you like what you see,save the shipping fee and buy a trailer and take her home.
        Gulf Breeze Fl.


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          thank you guys, I'm even more hesitant now.

          As for the west coast, not hardly any.