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1992 221BCC info

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  • 1992 221BCC info

    I am looking to buy a Mako 221BCC with a 2003 Sazuki 225 4stroke. Can someone please tell me what the deadrise is on that hull? Also is $22,000 a good deal for that package w/ trailor?

    Thanks, John
    Wendell, NC

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    Welcome aboard John. Please put your hometown,state in your siginature.

    Mako 221B


    8' - 0"


    19 Degrees


    2600 lbs

    150 Gallons



    That would be a nice boat. Full transom and bracket.

    Check NADA boats for price.


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      Just not sure about the 2003 / 225 Suzuky 4 stroke
      Wendell, NC


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        Just found out that the hull has been painted. YUK!! I guess it can be removed?
        Wendell, NC


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          John Why would you want to remove the paint? There's nothing wrong with painting a boat. Lot's of us are doing it.

          As to the Suzuki 4 stroke. That makes it a Hell'va deal.

          News Flash. Suzuki 4 strokes kick the compention's Ass.

          Stronger hole shot than any other 4 stroke. This is due to the lower gear ratio's. They will give any 2 stroke a run for their money out of the hole.


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            Matter od fact Capt Andy just pulled a 2 stroke Rude off of his boat and put a Suzuki 4 stroke on. This is dang near the same rig your looking at.

            Read This.


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              Yep thats the truth..just bought in for 20 hr.service and finally getting the prop right!!the happy number is 15.5x20 inch ,,pulling 5900 wot with lighter load and the hole shot is almost instant!!getting almost 45mph with bottom paint..General propellar 1-800-282-3181 Ask for rich or larry are un-believable source of prop know -how and stand up guys..Suzuki props are bigger than normal..Their 21.5 actually measured at 21 and is like a normal 19..who knows why..Spinning that bigger prop coming off plane was causing a huge rooster tail and the digging was allowing water to wash all the way up over cowling and freaking me out!!After twenty hours of dunking there was virtually no salt creep under cowling and the new prop stopped the wash all together.The bracket creates a different ride..One of if not the driesest and most comfortable rides i have ever had on a 23 foot boat ..The 2003 suzuki is the same in 04 and won big awards ,as they all do, and im happy so far..The day i bought the engine there weas a recall on the board and it was handled quickly and no problem,it seems some jerks slamming there engines in reverse from full throttle caused a backfire and mandated a recall..If you can buy the boat for that ,which means alittle less -ita a good-to grat buy..E-mail me with any questions and have fun!![8~2]What year hull matters,as far as price,but i guarntee you anyone who wanta alot of boat for 23 feet and appreciates a well laid out functional design ,as well as a great engine,, the boat will sell really fast ..
              1997 232B 2017 suzuki 250 \"ROCK BOTTOM\"[br] [br]