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hull/cap seperation

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  • hull/cap seperation

    Searching through this forum I've notived quite a few of these problems.

    I've looked at 3 makos(19,22,25) and all had them on the port side midships.

    My question is are these problems fixable(sounds like new rivets and 5200) and do they cause other problems due to water intrusion.

    I can still get the third but want to know how much of a pain in the A$$ im getting into.
    82 254[br]Brick, NJ

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    Hi TT,

    Its probably not that bad. If you need to tighten the cap before you rivet you may want to screw the hull and cap together and remove your screws after you rivit it. And use 5200 between the two. Tape off your area cuz that stuff will get on you even ov er the phone.


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      You got that right. It get's on everything.[xx(]


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        Thanks for the responses.

        I know this is a loaded question but do you guys think this could have caused other problems, (gas tank issues, foam, stringers.etc)

        I'll have a surveyor of course but if 90% of you guys would walk then whats the pointof continuing.

        Thanks again great sight with tons of awesome info.
        82 254[br]Brick, NJ