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94' Mako CC DVee rides great !

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  • 94' Mako CC DVee rides great !

    I was fortunate to find a real clean 94 Mako CC Deep Vee 21'

    and what a nice ride !

    It's my first Mako, and I had heard that Mako's pound hard in a

    chop. Not this model. The deep V combined with Bennett trim tabs

    gives a great ride. Throw in a little engine trim action, and

    it can be adjusted just right for various conditions.

    I haven't been through any real rough water yet ( and try to avoid it), but it should be a good ride here too.

    Good early 90's D.Vees seem to be fairly hard to find.

    Any one else out there have this boat ?

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    No one out there has a 93/94 21' Mako DV CC to provide input

    on ride / structural characteristics ?


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      Honestly, I think its a fine boat. Stil in the well built era and is a time tested design. Not much has changed on them over the years.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        I bought a 1990 211 this past April.

        Powered it with a 200 Merc Saltwater Carb.

        Keep it up in Maine on Casco Bay.

        In flat seas she'll do 42mph. Only a little trimming needed. Smooth!

        At the end of the season I had the unfortunate need to bring her to a boat yard 10 miles away. Maine oceans at the end of September are squirrelly at best. The day I chose turned out to be beautifully sunny with sustained 20+ knot winds that had come up 24 hours before.

        On the inland portions of the trip I was able to keep a strong 20mph cutting thought the 1-2 ft chop no problem.

        In the worst spot, open ocean, there were 4-6 foot seas with a pretty short period and strong winds.

        Was able to keep a steady 10mph head on into the swells. I found her to be nicely dry and stable.

        Don't want any more of my already too few days I can use her to be marred by conditions like that- but it is nice to know she's up for the challenge if we're faced with it again..
        1991 Mako 211[br]


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          Good info - thanks.

          Do you have a T-Top on your 90' ?

          I have the T, and with the 150hp Johnson, I get 35 mph max.

          I'll repower at some point, and I'm considering various



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            No, no T-top. She's pretty basic- no additions of any type really. Bottom paint and trim tabs.

            In hindsight buying a motor, I probably would have gone with fuel injection were I to do it again. Tried to save a few $$ going with Carb. I was still in shock as to how much it really costs to buy a boat. With fuel injections it seems like there would be fewer issues overall- less oil consumption, not having to worry about long periods of idle mucking up your plugs etc.

            But overall 200 is a great mate for the 21.
            1991 Mako 211[br]


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              Similar thinking here.

              I'm very pleased with the 94' that I found. Built very well, and

              much less costly than a new one.

              Since the 150hp Johnson carb on it has over 600hrs, I'm looking

              ahead to repowering at some point. The Johnson runs strong, and

              carb'd engines save a bunch of $$, but injected has advantages.

              I'm doing the preliminary investigating now for best engine ideas.