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    I just bought an 1989 (or so) 23 center console (I don't know if it is a 235,231, or what yet). Bought it from one of my best friends who beats on things and he bought it from a guy who does the same. However the boat (looking throught the dirt) is in realy good shape. As far as I remember, because I'm in NYC and the boat is in FL. Talking on the phone one day he said he wanted to get rid of it (he has too many boats),right then I made him a very low offer, sight-un-seen, that he took. Needless to say, I got the boat for a song. Piont is I haven't seen the boat in months and when I did last see it I was going out on it with him and not looking it over as a potential owner. It rode well and soundly and no softspots that were apparent to any of us as yet. Like I said I live in NYC and have a sailboat on Long Island, where I plan to keep the Mako. I need to repower it, and that is being taken care of while it is still in FL (I go down to FL very often), but I need to know what I should look for while I am having things done to it while still in FL like re-power,leaning post , T-top and basic electrical upgrades. I am considering bracket and enclosing the transom but I have many questions on that. I have figured out general "hardware cost" for what I want ti do. Again, I live in NYC now and cannot do the work my self. What should I expect to spend on bracket installation and enclosing the transom and awlgrip or imron on the hull and what to whatchout for when hiring some one to not just do it but do it right. I know I'm asking alot of you all but from everything I'v read... you're the guys to ask. Plus what should I expect to spend on new gelcoat for the inside (if imron or the like is the way to go outside with gelcoat on the inside) I did see the post from Ed on some things to look for when buying and I'll be taking that with me when I go back down next week but what else can you think of before I start this very hands-off that I should know or consider. FYI, I have owned several boats 3 of which were Makos of various sizes. Plus I currently have a sailboat. I do only very minor repair work myself. I wil keep you informed of what I find.

    Thanks in advance. Ryan

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    Hope your 23 is the way you remember it,sounds like a score.Check out my post Buying a used Make the guys here helped me out with important things to look for and know.On my reply from Fishbait there is a site that has specs for all Mako boats and you shuold see what model yours is,good luck with her and let us know how it is.also check the project boats its awsome,these guys make it look easy.


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      Raynor I read your post early today and really don't have any real answer's for you as to what it will cost to have a shop do it.

      I don't know where you have it in Fl?

      Just finding a shop to get you what you want at a price you can live with and do it in a reasonable amout of time is going to be a bunch of work on your part.

      I did run across a shop that has a good website today. I figure if they are proud enough to display all their works like they are doing then they might be ok to deal with?

      I just say these guy's are in Ma.

      There is a guy over on the Fl sportsman forum " Joker"

      Eddie's been by his shop and done some talking with him.

      Here in Pensacola I'd send you to Dawson Boats.

      Please understand sending you to a shop that I am just familer with is not a indorsment to say they are the best around or you will get the cheapest price. Your going to have to do your own homework.


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        Hey Raynor-

        Call Mike Stemberg at Wildfire Marine in Stuart, Florida. He can give you a run down on costs to have things installed at Florida prices.

        I work at a shop here in teh Northeast but stuff costs more here because labor/real estate/ taxes etc are more expensive

        At our shop a new transom starts at $3k...more if the stringers are wet. Since you are considering addinga bracket...that would cost eveb more because you need to add knees to support the bracket. The bracket itself is around $2500

        Most guys use about $100 ft for an Awlgrip job. Once again...more expensive than that at my shop.

        Leaning posts....hardware should go to marine connection liquidators in Ft Pierce, Florida or attend the Dania Marine Flea Market.

        Let me know if you have any other questions


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          One thing for sure is that it is going to cost you a small fortune if you have someone else do all the work. Not to mention the boat may by layed up for a long time several states away were you cannot keep a good eye on who is working on your boat. I would try and buy most of your stuff like bracket and T-top etc in Florida. Everyone seems to like Marine connection liquidators

          for buying hardware and you probably will find some good leaning posts over there. I've talked with Don Hermco at Hermco boat rigging and repair several times over the phone and he does repairs to boats and is very boat savey. They sell the Seamark bracket that has a transom closing built into the bracket. Brackets range from $1500-$4000 depending on the manufacturer. T-tops are in about the same range. I just got a quote of $1000 for having my boat sprayed inside and out with Awlgrip however I buy the paint and do all the prep work. They just spray. Hope some of this helps.

          Oakley, California


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            Joker figures $100 a ft for Awlgrip primer and paint. With that sayed, it's going to depend on how slick the hull is.

            Something that I would want in writing is a compleation date.

            Have the shop write it. Complete stage 1 [date]

            Complete stage 2 [date]

            Now you take this and rewrite it that he get's some kind of bonus if compleated before that date and he knocks off some if compleated after that date.

            I've seen in auto shops where the project get's torn down and put to the side.

            You end up pissed off and your boat is torn apart.

            This is just a suggestion, but it is how the banks do it when you build a house and you get a draw on the money, [sotaof]

            I've also seen where a guy wanted the top choped on his car. He was at the shop that was doing it several times a week.

            They had several jobs going in the shop. He was told in the beginning it would take 6 weeks. It took 6months.

            He was told one day that they needed more money for primer. The next time he came to the shop all the cars in the shop had the same primer on them.


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              Sorry Raynor, but I gotta throw in my 2 cents here. Why not just haul the boat to where you can get to it and do most or all of the work yourself ? I feel the same way about boats as I did about cars when I was a little younger....anyone can go buy a new Supra, throw an exhaust system on it and call it a hotrod, OR you could go buy an old mustang, do a ground-up restoratin on it, and REALLY have a classic. Just off the top of my head this my tally for hiring someone to fix your boat for ya.......

              Paint - 3k +

              Transom/bracket - 5k + (easily!)

              T-top - minimum 1k

              Leaning post - minimum 500

              Electronics - the sky's the limit here

              Repower - 12k +

              All-in-all your looking at somewhere in the nieghborhood of 20,000 minimum to have someone doo all that work for you. I estimated on the low side for most of the stuff....for example just to have a certified Merc shop set up your new engine will run somewhere in the 500-1,000 range depending on location. A T-Top....I've priced a bunch and the cheapest one I could find that wasn't a piece of crap was around 2500. A nice leaning post will run close to 1,000 if you need it shipped......and the list goes on and on. I don't know about the rest of you guys here, but I'd walk a mile to save $10.00. I know that there are plenty of people here who would help you get through the rough spots of tackling a project like that....I for one would love to see the look on your face cruising down the bay in your classic Mako that you invested so much sweat and time into. There is no better feeling in the world...I promise you.
              James Havanki[br]Great Mills[br]Southern Maryland[br]1973 22\' still \"in-work\"


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                Told you like it is. Some folks don't mind just forking the money over and CAN afford to do so. I don't have a problem with that, but my eyebrows raise a little when I hear how much the have in a project. It's done everyday. The Barret- Jackson sale is comming up on TV this month.

                The car has 1yr since resteration and sells for 50K and the guy has 75K in the resteration.

                We's bee's Por Folk and hast'a do it all er selves. HeHe


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                  Warthog, was that the old Oldsmobile 88 that I just saw being auctioned on Speedvision???
                  Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                    I didn't see it.


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                      You guys are great. Thanks for all the responses. And I get the point on the car restoration. I have my first baby coming in 7 weeks so I can't go nuts on this but I do have a few realy nice inns when it comes to cutting costs for re-powering and hardware. However the labor and transom are my achillies heal. Like I said I live in a building in NYC(3 blocks from the WTC site) and have no place to put the boat to work on it. Plus you factor in the baby and I not only have no sapce but for a few months I hve no time either. So if I decide to go ahead with the transom at this point I am at the mercy of a facility and burnig cash. Like most of you, I would rather do it myself for the challenge, knowledge and because "no one cares as much as you do", so I may just wait till I figure out a way and have the time and place to do it myself. That is why I'm consulting you all. The prices you gave me on painting are very helpful. Is that $100 per foot exterior only? The prices for the transom work are just frightening, 1/3 more than my initial estimates. And Ed, thaks for the heads-up on "knees", thats the kind of insight that makes you all invaluable. FYI Ed, this is an 1989 231 if you could help me with location of the conduit and any other model specific "must knows" or concerns. I thank you all for your help and information, keep it coming. I'll get some pics and a project list together for the begining of Feb. Last question: Paint Vs. gelcoat?


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                        Raynor- I live on Long Island and definantely know that things are way overpriced over here, i'll call around to a few of my fiberglass guys and also the person that redid my 20......i'll try and get some prices if you were going to bring the boat up here and either do some of it yourself or have someone do it. One of the guys that did work on my boat is looking at moving to somewhere in florida after his retirement next month, i'll see where hes going to be and how willing he would be to take on a project


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                          See That's what so neat about this site. We have imput from around the country.

                          Back several years ago I had to go up to Mahaten NY, NY for some cort deals. I had to walk 4 blocks to find some sunshine. I couldn't wait to get out of there. HeHe

                          If I had to recommend someone up there, I wouldn't have a clue. But we have folks up there that do.[]


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                            There are plenty of Jersey boys around here. If you would be interested in the commute, I'm sure we could find you some ballpark quotes on the transom job.
                            James Havanki[br]Great Mills[br]Southern Maryland[br]1973 22\' still \"in-work\"


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                              I just returned from picking up a boat in Mantoloking, NJ. There are a ton of boat yards in that area and I saw a couple of folks working on their own boats in the yard that I went to. The T-Top on my boat looks great and was built and installed by Tower Power who are located in that same area. They do leaning posts as well.

                              Sounds like it would be about a 70 minute commute for you.

                              Good Luck
                              1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.