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WHere to buy Awgrip/Interlux etc.

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  • WHere to buy Awgrip/Interlux etc.

    My Mako 23 is going to be painted, inside and out on the 25th.

    Where is the best place to buy paint? Should I use Awlgrip or Inerlux or ??

    How much paint, primer, reducer, etc. should I order?

    I'm thinking green exterior, (including transom bracket) to the rub rail, cream/beige above the rub rail, deck and console.

    A grocery list of all items needed, including qty. and a source is what I'm actually after.


    Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]

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    Did you see my "special post for you"?

    The company that I use for Awlgrip down here has GREAT prices. The problem is the shipping to you. You would be charged shipping + a hazmat fee. I belive the hazmat fee alone is $20 per 4gal of material.

    It hard to tell you how much material you will need. Mainly with the primer. This is because I don't know how ruff the boat is. I've goon thru 3 kit's of 545 in the gal. A Gal kit is 1gal primer and 1gal of activator. Each kit I pay $152.

    I actually get my paint from one place and primer from another.

    Check around with some of the high volume boat yards and ask for prices on Awlgrip.


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      Thanks Bob!

      Hull is not rough at all, been "completely" block sanded with 100, 150 and 220 grit.

      Is there such a thing as primer that doesn't need sanding..

      Where is your source for Awlgrip? If the price is good, it may be worth it for me to pay the Hazard shipping fee..

      Thanks for your help!

      Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]


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        Yes there is a non sanding primer I pretty sure, but I don't like using stuff like that. I always want a primer/surfacer. Sounds like the hull is pretty slick. awlgrips 545 is a primer/surfacer and is designed for below the water line too.

        On Awlgrip Paint.

        Man, I just got everyone a deal on Awlgrip Paint. I didn't know they sell it. This is a buddy of my babby brother John.

        Mark johnson. Johnson Supply in pensacola,Fl. [850]434-7103

        Here's an example of prices

        Awlgrip jet Black -Brown Marine $44,25qt

        Johbson Supply $30.05qt

        Awlgrip Stark White- Brown Marine $45.92

        Johnson Supply $31.82

        They don't stock any primer, but I asked Mark if he would start stocking 545 primer. He said yes If I get enough call for it.

        I also found out that US Paints was bought out by some company. Can't remember the name he said.

        This was all done, due to the aerospace industry. There is a lot going on behind the seans that you and I don't know about. All we care about is our boat's. Now if I told you I painted my boat with DEFT Paint, you would say what the hell is that.

        Well it's the same thing a Awlgrip, but with a mill spec. It's got the same long name as Awlgrip. The military uses DEFT to paint the Airplanes. The Blue Angles are painted with it.