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  • Anyone going shopping?

    In the past I have noticed that some of you guys live near the Ft. Pierce, Fl. area and occasionally cruise by the Marine Connection Liquidator store. I need some new cushions for the seat and backrest on the fishbox on my '93 211. I called the place but as all of you probably know, they are not very helpful over the phone. Could someone let me know if they intend to stop at MCL in the near future.




    Baton Rouge
    Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge

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    Yep, will probably go by this weekend. Call me at 321-229-4896
    1989 Mako 251 Winter Park, FL


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      I am in Houston and have gotten plenty of help finding things. they located a deck hacth,rub rail,searched for fuel tanks for my boat. But I still want to go there next year to find the litte things.probally will haul my boat there fish along the way and then have a big shopping cart to carry stuff home in! I already know i'm crazy
      Jeffrey George[br]Houston,Texas


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        Ok, guys going by on Friday, I will gladly find, measure and photo anything you need. Rocky
        1989 Mako 251 Winter Park, FL


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          I'm interested in a new console I want onew like on Ring's boat I think it might be called a guides console but I'm not sure. If you wouldn't mind checking to see if they have one and how much it cost I would greatly appreciate it.
          1983 21b[br]Waveland,MS


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            Not much of a selection of Mako consoles there anymore. Maybe one or two sitting around. In fact there isn't much Mako stuff there anymore. Its all getting bought up slowly but surely.

            I'll probably be going back there in a year or so.
            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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              Well guys, I stopped by the Marine Connection on Friday on the way down to the marina.

              I went through two huge boxes looking for cushions and only found one Mako white with a burgandy piping it was for the seat on a Mako Flats boat 12"x35".

              There were no louvered doors for Makos, although there was a lot of tall ones.

              There was two really beat up Mako consoles, with lots of holes and cut outs, not really worth what they were asking $995.00. (I took pics if you want them)

              They have a couple of Hydrasports consoles that would fit great though. They had gauges, handrail, windshields all for about the same prices.

              They had a couple of types. (I took pics if you want them)

              Lots of cleats of various sizes with the mako shark on them (small to large) (I took pics if you want them)

              Two really nice gauge clusters with brakers and switches with logo. (I took pics if you want them)

              Sorry if I missed anything, just give me a shout. Justus sorry we couldn't talk more I was in a meeting in Hawaii and got back Thurs.[8D]
              1989 Mako 251 Winter Park, FL


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                If you are heading through there again would you be able to price me a console hand rail? I haven't been able to find one narrow enough that will fit mine. Marine Fabricators (local t-top builder) wants $125 for a used one. Forget that.
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