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78 Mako 20 Power options

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  • 78 Mako 20 Power options


    I've been running a 1985 150 Merc Carb rebuilt 3 years ago. It runs pretty good but I'd like to upgrade to something new. I hear good things about the 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. Any recommondations, I'm looking for something more quiet, fuel efficient, and fast but don't want the extra weight because I fish Pine Island Sound area and don't want to draw any more water.

    Thanks for the help,

    Sanibel Florida

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    Hi neibor,

    My folks live in St James City. Ive been fishing all over the sound for years. What a great place to live and fish. When I go to my folks house I put in a Wiggins Pass cruise the outside. How did you come out after the storm? Gary


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      Hi Gary,

      We live nest to the Sanibel power lines and we were about 2 miles from the eye. We had some minor roof damge but two of our neighbors lost their whole roofs.

      Our biggest problem on the island were the Austrailian Pines...or whats left of them

      Thanks for asking.

      How you do?



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        Hi Steve, We did great in Naples although there was alot of boat damage. Im booked solid for at least 8 weeks. My folks did pretty well concidering.


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          I have a suzuki 140 4 stroke on my 20. I've been really happy with it. 36 to 40mph (depending on the load) top end. Won't win any races but worked fine for me. Nice and shallow and with the jackplate I could bump around in some relatively skinny water. I fish the north side of Charlotte harbor extensively.

          1974 20\'[br]2005 Sabalo 22\'[br]Gainesville Fl[br]