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New Boat Port.

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  • New Boat Port.

    I put some money down on a RV style motorhome/ Boat-Port the other day.

    The size is 12w X 13t[legs] X 40d. It will have panels come down the sides 6ft to start. The cost is $3295.00 installed. I have cut the 16in eve off of the existing building so that I can get it as close as they can. I only made it 12ft wide due to property line setback. [5ft from the property line] I wish I could have made it 14ft wide.

    This is a free standing carport. I will eventually add concrete. As to huricane proof. Good question. What really is? The owner of the local company said his at home came thru with flying colors, but a toronado was spun up at the motel beside his business pick up part of the hotel and layed it down on the display models he had in front of the business.

    So what really is huricane proof?

    Here's a pix from the website. They have a local dealer here in P'cola.

    It will be installed on the 16th.

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    new home of the X-Shark?
    1983 21b[br]Waveland,MS


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      Let us know how it turns out as I am interested in something like that. Will 13' be tall enough to get your top under?
      Former owner of a 1986 21B Mako[br]Venice, FL


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        jcthornhill, Yep.

        The top of the hardtop right now is right about 10ft on the trailer. I'm planning on a fold down crows nest w/controls. The center of the new building is 14ft so I should be in good shape.


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          I guess hurricane proof was a poor choice of words. I should have said hurricane resistant!

          I work in the homebuilding business, wind load ratings and design pressures are kind of on everyones mind lately. Structually, most residential dwellings did really good, our big disapointment was the perforated soffit that we use. We are definitely going to be going to some type of rigid material like Hardie.

          It is amazing how different structures reacted to the storms, some that looked like shacks with no damage at all and other robust looking buildings demolished. There are so many variables. How is that carport anchored to the ground?

          My enemy here is the oak trees. The sun is bad enough but those oak leaves seem to defy gravity and find their way into the hull no matter how I cover it.

          I like those drop down sides, that would help keep those leaves out. Looks nice, the xshark should be happy.
          Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender


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            Well they showed up and worked a few hours today. The boss of the 2 man crew was not feeling well and so they did this part and quit. I'm still happy and it will be finished on Monday.[]


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              That thing fits in there perfect [] Have you made any progress on the boat?

              Oakley, California


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                I haven't touched the boat.[]


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                  The sheet metal is about 3/4's up. They will finish tommorow. Pix's then.[] This sucker is BIG![]


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                    They finished it today. I will in the near future pour concrete and I will extend the sides down to the ground. There is some more I want to do to it to make it stronger, It's just me. There is nothing wrong with the building or the work that was done. That will wait a while. I'm pleased with it.[]


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                      Dang that is nice Warthog.
                      Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender


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                        dang, Bobby . . . . that thing IS nice! Hope it works out well for you!
                        Dane[br]Pensacola, FL


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                          But will it still be there after the next hurricane?


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                            Who Knows? That's a $64 question. I'm working on concrete prices now.

                            2500lb is $81.50 a yd. and I'm going to need 16yds.


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                              Are you going to work the concrete yourself? I imagine you and your brothers could do so.
                              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance