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Repower with Yamaha 150 on 1986 20C

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  • Repower with Yamaha 150 on 1986 20C

    Thanks for the advice on the forum. About a month ago, I asked advice about repower. I am happy to report that I decided to put a Yamaha 150 in place of a 20 year old Johnson 140 VRO. The new motor is all that I expected it to be and it really made the boat like brand new!

    The boat survived both hurricanes that hit Stuart Florida. It was parked at the boat yard on a trailer and suffered no damage. Many boats were destroyed in the water and perhaps the worst tradedy are the many house trailers that were either exploded or simply vanished into a mass of timbers and aluminum sheet.

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep my boat and to improve it with a new motor.

    Fred Bartlett

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    Congrats: I actually miss my old 1975 20' from time to time...When I repowered her from a 140hp to a new Johnson gt 150hp. Back in 1990, It was a Match unequal to a friends 200hp on his 20'. I think she's still running strong for the guy that bought her on Pine Island!

    I dont miss the teak work though..[;^)]
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      Speaking of which I have a 78 Mako 20 and have been running a Merc 150 Carb which has done O.K. but need to repower. I would like a more quiet motor and more high tech to give me more speed. Any recommondations?




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        I went with the Yamaha 150 2 stroke Carb version. The HPDI is thousands of dollars more and the 4 stroke is even more. I would say ( without using a sound meter) that the overall volume of noise is about half of what it was before. My friend that rode with me has a Yamaha 250 4 stroke and he rated the 150 about as quiet as the 4 stroke.

        As for high tech, the HPDI would be better at fuel economy but it costs more to repair. As I use the boat infrequently and need to store it often, I believe that the carb version is easier to fit and less subject to damage from long term storage. 4 strokes have some advantages but are heavy and cost considerably more. Oil changes are frequent and very expensive.

        Other brands may be just as good but Yamaha has the best dealer coverage in Florida.

        Good Luck on your decision.

        Fred Bartlett


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          FredBart - what kind of performance numbers do you get with your new Yammie?
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            I won't be able to tell you until early November when I get to go back to Florida and use the boat again. I am thousands of miles away right now. Once it is broken in, I can tell you a GPS-based MPH figure and after a time, I will know the GPH consumption.

            I'll report back when I know more. I think that I will be able to use the boat a long time before I could justify the increased fuel economy of a HPDI or 4-stroke motor.

            Fred Bartlett


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              I think I'm settled on a 150 High Tech 2 Stroke. What do think about the 150 Optimax in terms of power, sound, economy and weight etc.

              Sanibel Steve

              78 Mako 20


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                I have a pair of the 1999 150's and they have changed from a Mercury hater to a....."they are darn good engines" kind of guy. The year model I have is around the year they had problems, but as I understand it the newer ones are better than the ones I have. I have not had any major poblem.....just expensive ones. If you go with the OptiMax, be sure to find a top knotch tech to work on it. The better he is the better the engine runs.
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