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FCV-600L Color LCD Fishfinder__which Transducer

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  • FCV-600L Color LCD Fishfinder__which Transducer

    Still am shopping for a Furuno FCV-600L Color LCD Fishfinder. Don't really want to use a transom mount transducer. There are soo many transducers available.

    If I want to go thru hull , or epoxied in hull, which one do I want to get? Bronze? Plastic?

    Also been looking at the Garmin 250C and 320C. The 320C is more $$than the 250C, but the resoloution of the 250C is better... , WHat am I missing.

    Most fishing is done on the flats, 6-20'. Approx. 30% is 200-350' range.

    I have a Garmin 182C Charplotter, and I could do the combinatin FF/GPS chartplotter by using Garmin's GSD 20 Black Box, but, I don't know if I want all my eggs in one basket.

    Last , Does the A-scope setting really work??

    Your opinions please.


    Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]

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    If you shoot though the hull plastic will work fine, but I would'nt use plastic if you go though the hull. Thur hull IMO must be bronze.

    All Garmin products are great, but I personally wouldn't spend the extra money for the water depth you are fishing.

    On my offshore boat I have at least two of everything (3 GPS all wired to different sources) but in my bay boat I one of each (all Garmin). I don't like all my eggs in the same basket either.
    Owner of a once busted a$$ 1999 25\' SeaCraft! [br]One that I had to repair because Tracker Marine wouldn\'t stand behind there product![br]Houston Texas