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did my buddy get taken advantage???

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  • did my buddy get taken advantage???

    I went fishing on an old friends Grady 258 2 weeks ago. This is his first boat and a very nice boat at that but talk about ripped off, I wish I was there when he did the deal on this boat. He paid $85K for this boat and was somehow lead to believe that it is a 27'. Maybe if you include the anchor pulpit it comes out to 27' but still the center line is 25' no matter how you cut it. Get this, they sold it to him rigged with a single Yamaha F225. I drove it and it is definately not enough motor for this boat, almost to the point where it was dangerous. Trying to take 4 foot swells was a challenge. The motor would push it about half way up but didn't have enough juice to carry it over. It would bog down and slid sideways at an angle as it crested over the swell. The only electronics on it was a VHF and a Lawrance LCX-104C combo GPS/sonar. It's a nice unit, GPS works great, but the transucer on it is bad. He doesn't know how to use it so he though he was doing something wrong. He has now contacted the dealer and is being told that they no longer sell Grady's and could not help him. I've contacted the Lowrance directly and they are sending a new transducer free of charge. I can help fix the transducer for him but I don't think there is anything he can do about getting ripped off.

    maybe pointless to ask, but any ideas?
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    To me it sounds as if there is no recourse. This is a situation of buyer beware. They really did nothing wrong. He should have done his homework. They say all of these boats are a certain length, but that inludes bow pulpit and motor bracket. I think it sucks, but he saw what he was buying and knew, in that regard, what he was getting into.

    As far as the motor is concerened, I guess they either had one rigged up or had that engine sitting around that they needed to unload. I wouldn't do business with them anymore, but I doubt that there is any recourse. Unfortunately in this situation he may be stuck. Nothing is defective, just not matched up properly, I double there is either an implied or express warranty concerning how fast a boat will go.

    He needs to invest in a second 225. That is probably the best advice you could give. Or he could try to sell to some other sucker who doesn't know what he is getting.
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      Hi Hungone-

      I am a long time Mako owner and I also work in sales for a Grady White dealership here in Massachusetts. I am sorry to hear that you think your friend got ripped off but I politely beg to differ.

      I have had the opportunity to run several Grady models and unfortunately for me they pretty much outperform my Mako 231 in both ride and quality of construction.

      As for performance information, listed below is a link for the performance info for that specific model.

      Max hp for that boat is 350hp but most are rigged with single 225 Yamaha Fourstroke's because that is what customers are looking for. If they wanted, a customer can easily order a boat with twins or even a 250 or 300hp HPDI.

      While a 40mph top end speed might not be right for you, it is just fine for the older clientele that Grady targets.

      Just some thoughts I wanted to point out. Don't want to dredge up a big argument but they are some of the finest boats I have ever been in.

      PS- If you're buddy is having trouble with his dealer, he should contact the factory in Greenville and ask to speak to the factory rep for his area.


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        PPS- in the 2004 Grady catalog, centerline length is clearly stated at 24'9"


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          Afew years ago i bought a "23" seafox with urotransom and bow pulpit..actually it was 19"!!! Should be a law ,but like wilson says ,there are no victims ,only volunteers..I wish i knew then what i

          knew know and my fict days never would have happened![:u]I was shocked when my buddys parker 256 came with a single 225f, actually gets up and goes pretty good ,and at 5800 lbs .! Top end is 30 or so and hes happy.
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            These types of posts on forums are so hard to give objective suggestions. Few folks online here and all over the net, are at the place in question, that being at the time of the transations, to know all the facts. If the boat came from the factory, and is new, then he needs not to deal direct with the dealer, if in fact this dealer no longer carries the product. Feel free to provide the hull model, year, and date of purchase. I can follow up with a local contact in my area, and the area of manufacturer. BUt I do need to know the hull number. You can provide this by PM or through Bobby[warthog] and he can e-mail it to me.


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              Hi Ed;

              I'm not knocking the boat, in fact I thought it was a very well laid out "25" foot boat. It was very fisherman friendly for a walk around and I thought the ride was exceptional. I'm knocking the dealer for taking advantage of a first time buyer that (completely his fault) didn't know what he was getting into. They lead him to believe that he was buying a 27' boat for $85K when in fact it's a 25' boat (even says so in the literature). I really didn't expect that there was much he could do about it now but was just curious if their maybe was something.

              Oyster, it's the 258 walkaround, 2003, purchased in November of last year. I'm going back down later this month to swap out his transucer and can get the hull number. He may not be willing to take it very far though, he's too lax, probably what got him into this.
              Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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                One dumb question that has to be asked - did you have 10 guys hanging out at the transom drinking beer? []

                A pair of 150's would have been sweet on that boat, but a single 225 should be fine. It definitely shouldn't be the dog you describe.

                First thing I’d check is the prop to make sure it is setup for a boat that heavy. Check the link that Ed passed on it and check your buddy’s prop.

                Doesn't sound like the dealer would have spent much time on the setup.
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                  Well with all due repsect,it sound like he probably was looking for a deal and bought the boat on a as is where is. But past that point then, your post is completely out of line, with nothing more than a one sided opinion, using a well known maker as a scapegoat. If my post is out of line, than it can be deleted. But you have made a statement about being ripped off by a boat saleman, and cutting down a manufacturer that has more than just a few boats in the water to pull plenty of information from, that can make many changes if the boat is a "dog". Sorry if I sound a little negative. But if he wishes not to pursue this, then my money is on the side of half truth here.


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                    for 85k your buddy should have taken a sea trial and done his home work. If he has that kind of money to spend on a boat he cant be a total dumb ass. Sounds to me like he has buyers remorse or something. I personally have been in that model with a 200 on it and didnt find the boat to be a bad ride at all. I thought it was a little under powered but you make it sound like he was running a 50hp motor on it. I think using the words "ripped off" is a little strong. If your buddy didnt know the differance in length than mabe he should have saved his dough and gone on a charter.


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                      Oh yea,

                      Any electronics on a new boat are a bonus from the dealer to sell the boat.


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                        I repeat, I am not knocking Grady White, that's why my topic states a "Grady Dealer" not "Grady". I haven't even mentioned the name of the dealer because I do not want to bad mouth anyone in particular. All I want to do is get some advice on if there is anything that protects buyers, such as him, after a sale has been made in this nature. I agree that "riped off" is a strong word and is probably a bit premature. As for the boat itself, I've already said that I thought it was a very well laid out boat for a 25 footer and was impressed with the way it rode. What I am saying is that he was lead by the dealer (salesman) to believe that it was at 27 foot boat that was, in my opinion, not properly rigged to start with. I also agree that some blame, maybe all the blame, has to go to my friend for not doing the research to know what he was actually buying. But we are not talking about some black market or under the table sale so I'm just trying to find out what his options are. I really felt bad for him when I had to tell him his 27' boat was actually a 25' boat and could see that "oh fudge, I got shafted" look in his eyes. I'm not an expert in this but I'm only asking since he's asking me what his options are. For all I know maybe $85K is the average retail on a 258 walkaround with a single F225 motor. If that's the case, I'd like someone to say so. As for his motor, I'm not knocking Yamaha on their motors. I am saying that it's not enough for this boat for various reasons. Maybe a better prop would help resolve this. However, where it stand right now, he can't get any help for a boat he's paid a lot of money for, that is less than a year old now, and the dealer is turning him away saying that they no longer handle the Grady line. If I've offended anyone with my question, I appoligize. I'll even change the title to something more appropriate.
                        Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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                          He may not be willing to take it very far though, he's too lax, probably what got him into this.

                          You can help no man, that will not make an attempt to help themeselves. Weigh the facts of what the going price for that model, and the HP that is on corresponding boats. There are plenty of used boats, and most active boat dealers of this type boat, will give you resale prices also. BUt your information gives nothing to the facts if this was a left over new boat, used demo or the likes. Your attacks and induendos are baseless without FACTS. Thats my thoughts on your post, being in the boat business.

                          One call to the factory, with the hull number, with give you the information on how the boat left the factory. It will also give you information on prop sizes for standeard rigged models. Pricing can be smapled by going to several sites such as Boat Trader online, and do a ramdom sampling of comparible hulls of that year.


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                            No. He bought the boat. Grady is a fine boat, and a single 225 I feel is acceptable however marginal.


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                              Oyster, if my wording sounds like I'm attacking Grady or Yamaha, I sinceraly appoligize to them. I like both Grady and Yamaha think they both make an excellent product. The boat and motor is not defective and there are no issues there.

                              If I am or going to criticize anyone it will be the salesman for taking advantage of a first time buyer that had very little, if any knowledge about buying a boat. I also agree that my friend was stupid for not taking more time to research and educate himself more on what he was buying. Seriously, the only knowledge he had was that Grady White won the JD Power award for customer satisfaction 2001-2003. Up to this point he has never owned or never even driven a boat for that matter.

                              The boat is a 2003 year model purchased in Nov. of 2003. It was not "new left over" but it was, according to the salerep, the last one they had. He was not told that they were no longer going to sell Grady's until he called them about the tranducer. Even though he bought the boat from them and was rigged by them, they also told him that they couldn't help him that he would have contact Lowrance about the sonar.

                              I'm sure that when the saleperson told him that the boat was 27', he was referring to overall length with the pulpit. The Grady spec's clearly states that the center line of that model is 24'9". Again, my friends mistake for not knowing what he was buying. When he told me after that he bought a 27' Grady White, I'm thinking it must have twin outboards and asked what kind of motors (plural). He's replies Yamaha 225 four stoke. I'm thinking a 27' boat with twin F225, wow nice rig. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything because he was still clueless, but the first words out of my mouth was "hey nice 25 footer. What did you pay, about $65K?". He comes back with, no it's a 27 footer and I paid $85K. It seems a bit much for a 25 foot boat with a single 225. Current NADA value is $41K unless I looked at it wrong.

                              Here is where I really do take back my comment of being "ripped off". Oyster your right, I do not know for sure, but I do know that consumers are protected on certain things from price gouging (sp?). If boats qualify and this is an incident of such, I want to let him know. What he decides to do with the info will be up to him.

                              Sorry this is going too long on an issue that is off what I really intended. I want to help him out so I'd like to get back to getting ideas and advice on how to help him with what he has.

                              1)Lowrance sonar is already being taken care of.

                              2)the F225 was having difficulty pushing this boat. A full tank of gas, 4 men, and loaded with gear and ice yeilded a WOT speed of 19mph at 5200RPM in the intercostal with very little chop. As noted before, the boat would come to a near stop as it tried to climb over 4 foot swells. The return home averaged better at 24mph WOT at 5400RPM on a half tank of gas coming through the intercostal.

                              Ed, thanks for the link on the F225. I'll check to see if he has the same prop as listed in the specs and start from there as a baseline.
                              Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA