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  • steering issues

    This is a question I've asked before on other sites, but could still use some help. 1996 225 Ocean Pro Evinrude, Seastar hydraulic steering. HARD to steer. If I take the steering off of the motor and try to turn it by hand, almost impossible. I bought mapping gas and heated the grease on the steering tube, and then put new grease in, and it helped, but am I looking at having to tear it apart to put new seals or what? Are there any adjustments?


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    Off hand I'd say you need to look at the pin that the motor rotates on.

    Pull the zerk fittings out and see if you can get some of the caked crud out of there. Then stick the zerk fittings that youremoved and see if you can get grease to go thru them. The zerks may be what is causing no grease to go in.


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      Yes, I took the zirks out of the steering "pin" and heated it with mapp gas until I got all of the old grease out, then filled it up with new grease, and it works better, but not as good as it should. I believe a motor should turn very easy by hand with no steering components hooked to it, mine definatly does not



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        I replied this AM, went back and reread your post, then thought that you were having trouble with the hydro side of the system, so I deleted it. I now read that the hydro side is OK?

        What happens when you remove the hydro cylinder assy from the engine? The engine should turn somewhat freely. If not, you are going to have to free that up with a light penetrating oil to "wash out" the build up of $hit. This can be done with a lever type oil gun. Some grease guns can do this as well. You will now be washing out crud at a minimum of 1800 psi. If that don't work, the only way I'm aware of is to break it down.

        When it's repaired, grease it more often with a high quility grease.
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