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  • 231 for sale

    I saw an ad in this weekends paper for a 1988 231. Called the guy out of curiosity and found out where it is. Supposedly the hull is in real good shape with t-top and elec. box and rewired, new gas tank a couple of years ago and new seastar hyd. steering last year - sitting on new alum.trailer. No power. Anybody want more info let me know and I will see whats up.
    1992 261B[br]Beaufort SC

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    If I were looking for a boat to buy, that would be a good one. I like boats without power. The price is gonna be lower for the hlll since it isn't turn-key and you get to choose what kind of (Black) power that your gonna put on her.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Thats what I'm thinking.
      1992 261B[br]Beaufort SC


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        did he mension the asking price?


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          Hmmmmm....I wonder what he is asking for her. Probably too much if it is for sale in the northeast. Under $ would be worth looking at....over 10K....pushing it.


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            I will find out price and try to look at her today.
            1992 261B[br]Beaufort SC


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              Asking price is $ 9800. When I got there there was noone home but the owner had told me over the phone to go by and look whenever I wanted so thats what I did. The hull is as clean inside and out as almost any '88 hull I have ever seen. The T-top is obviously a vintage model but still more than serviceable - with a nice f/glas electronics box. Has older electronics ie. icom vhf and furuno fish finder along with am-fm unit. There is a 200 hp Johnson minus lower unit hanging off the back. Supposedly locked up. The boat has a full cover that fits around the top of the t-top - not over it. Teak trim in the usual places looks to have been very well cared for. The boat sits on a brand new dual axle Loadmaster alum. Trailer with torsion axles and disc brakes. Inside the console there are two batteries in battery boxes wired to Perko switch. If I was in the market for a 23 cc that I could hang new power on I would certainly be dickering on this one. I have no interest in this boat and have no relationship with the owner - but if someone wants more info I would be glad to help - Oh - I didn't do a super detailed inspection of every square inch - but I saw no stress cracks or evidence of hitting immovable objects.
              1992 261B[br]Beaufort SC


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                If I was looking for a 23' Mako... Pending a solid/dry transom and stringer knees... I'd make an initial offer of $8500 and see where it goes from there.
                Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                  Seems like a fair deal. Trailer alone is worth $2800. If I didnt have mine, I would seriously look at this boat.

                  Since I own one of these models already, I'll identify some areas that the potential owner should look at.

                  1) Stress cracks along chines. Most makos have these...mostly occurs when popping boat out of mold, but can grow/develop when boat is used to jump waves.

                  2) Rotten transom, stringers, floor, etc. I did not have problems with mine...but something to look out for...especially the area around where the center console bolts into the floor.

                  3) Water channels on either side of the floor just aft of the twon front seats. Many Makos crack here.....because Mako didnt use enough glass in this particular area.

                  4) Check the fore deck and core, especially around the bow lifting eye.

                  5) Check for cracks along the keel that head up toward the rub rail.

                  6) Check to see if the plastic instrument panel is cracked. Mine is and needs to be replaced with a fiberglass one-off.

                  7) Windshield frame is most likely pitted and peeling. Easy repair.

                  8) Clear lexan hatch covers on console. Teh little nylon screws that hold them into the track are probably broken. Can easily be drilled out and replaced with nylon bolt purchased at hardware store.

                  9) CHECK THE GAS TANK
                  10) And last but not least....check the core in the gas tank hatch.

                  Hmmmmm.....what else? Thats all I can think of for now.


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                    Originally posted by Ed Mancini

                    Hmmmmm.....what else? Thats all I can think of for now.

                    Seems to be the whole enchillada if you ask me...[]
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                      Any opinions on putting a suzuki 140 4 stroke on a 1988 mako 231? My gut is that it would be underpowered. With that motor on my 1977 mako 221, however, the mako moves plenty fast for me and has absolutely no problem getting up on plane, and gets very good mileage. (of course its no cigarette boat either) i just don't know enough about the 231.



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                        Maybe twin 140's and she may still be on the slow side.
                        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                          A single will be a slug. 2 of them yes.

                          Mako 231


                          8' - 0"


                          19 Degrees deadrise


                          2880 lbs

                          160 Gallons

                          250 max hp.


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                            I dont think a Suzuki 140 would cut it at all. At minimum...I think you'll need 200 ponies...and even that is cutting it short. I have a Suzuki 225 EFI on my boat, and she tops out at 43mph with no bottom paint. With a 200, you would probably do in the mid to high 30's.



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                              Figure twin 140's. A single won't cut it. I'm running twin 140's on a 25' and performance is satisfactory, but four strokes are not a good choice if you're looking for speed. We get good fuel economy and extremely low noise at idle and slow speeds. I get more engine noise at high RPMs than I expected, but not as high as two strokes and the noise is lower in pitch. I use the boat off shore so twins were the right choice for my situation.

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                              Just floundering around
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