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  • Hi guys i need help

    Hi guys, i came from Italy i have a mako 211 with 150 hp yamaha year 1990, and i purchase the 20th september 2004 a 1991 mako 231 whit 2 mariner 175 hp each (year 2001) REALLY HUGE!!!!!! (they drink 18.50 gallons of gasoline each for hour sob![:u][:u][:u]) .

    The max speed that I take is 52 knots see with my Garmin GPSmap 60CS

    This boat is confiscate by the italian coast guard in summer 2000 to a smuggler of cigarettes, so it very fast for run away.[]

    It’s need a deep make-up the color it’s grey and bordeaux [] so I want to make the hull bleu and white really nice[]; I see the photos in yous site!

    But I need some pieces like: control light panel, and other pieces. Do you know a internet shop that have original mako marine spareparts?

    Thanks a lot

    your site is fantastic[][][]

    sorry for my english

    Makofromitaly, Rome, Italy [br]1991 Mako 231 CC[br]2 x 175 Mariner Offshore

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    Slidell, La


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      Is the hull painted now, or is is gelcoat? My guess would be paint. The easiest thing to do would be to paint over the existing colors.

      Give a better description, is the bottom painted with anti-fouling paint?

      As for the other question, original Mako hardware is difficult to find. Mako sold most of thier stock to a place called Marine Connection Liquidators. You may want to contact them and ask if they have the specific parts you are looking for.


      Sorry, I had to type in English, my Italian is rusty. Good luck!
      1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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        tanks Wilson[]

        the hull is now painted in gray and the anti-fouling is bordeaux, really orrible!!!

        could you tell me the easy way to publish the photos here?
        Makofromitaly, Rome, Italy [br]1991 Mako 231 CC[br]2 x 175 Mariner Offshore


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          To post some pictures take a look the the link below. This should get you started.

          Looking forward to some pics...


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            In the "discussion" section there is a post at the top about how to yuse photo bucket.
            1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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              Welcome makofromitaly,got a light???[88]
              1997 232B 2017 suzuki 250 \"ROCK BOTTOM\"[br] [br]


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                350HP - Wow I think Gary is going to like you
                [br]***[br]\'82 Ski Nautique - Lake Martin, AL[br]\'80 236IB - Lake Martin, AL[br]\'03 Pursuit 2670 - Destin, FL


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                  Yes indead, now your talkin! Blue and white with big motors. I love it !


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                    I would hate to pay the fuel cost for that baby. Fuel prices in Europe are outragous!


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                      [][][][] About 1.5 USD for 0,26 gallons but it’s too satisfying to be the fastest boat in all the docks[][][][]

                      the color of engines are silver whit a blue and withe hull[88]

                      you can see my baby next week on the our site before the works![8D]
                      Makofromitaly, Rome, Italy [br]1991 Mako 231 CC[br]2 x 175 Mariner Offshore