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removing vinyl lettering

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  • removing vinyl lettering

    I want to remove the 14 inch high vinyl letters on the side of my boat due to fading. Any sugestions?
    Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland

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    Take a very sharp razor blade and be carfeul not to dig into the gel coat. Acetone should take the adhesive off. This is the best way i know how.
    Martin[br]McKinney, TX


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      You can try a heat gun or hair dryer to soften up that glue. Then a putty knife will do it. Just be careful with a heat gun, don't leave it in one spot too long.
      1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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        The razor blade works good just add soapy water to it as you go. This will act as a lubricant. Ive found that styrene works the best to remove adhesive.


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          I removed the words "Slippery When Wet" from both side of my boat with a single edge razor. The I used lighter fluid to get the glue off. I would be very careful with a putty knife, when the razors got dull they would scratch the gel-coat. So I only use fresh razor blades. I also removed two large (20"X30") square vinyl stickers from my Robalo when I sold it the same way and they had had been on the boat for 11 years.

          What ever you use to scrape it off sure it's sharp!
          Owner of a once busted a$$ 1999 25\' SeaCraft! [br]One that I had to repair because Tracker Marine wouldn\'t stand behind there product![br]Houston Texas


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            I once removed a racing stripe from a junkyard hood for my mustang with a sray can type product I purchased at an automotive paint supply store that worked very well it softened the stripe as well as the glue. I think I even saw such a product at West Marine,but I have also used a heat gun they work well also.

            Capt. Joe
            Capt.Joe Shultz, Venice Fla.[br]


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              I removed some 20 year old vinyl lettering off mine with a heat gun and putty knife. Came right off. The putty knife is way too blunt to gouge anything.
              1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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                Please DON"T use a razor blade. Use a hair dryer and a plastic Bondo squeege. Once you get it started it will come off fairly easy. Take your time and don't tear the vinal and you will not have to restart an edge.

                It shouldn't leave much glue if you are heating it just right with the hair dryer.