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    It seems that all courtsey has been lost. I have been passed 3 wide oncoming on the wrong side of the channel, been cut off and forced outside the channel, had oncoming traffic cross my course causing me to drop throttle and risk the boats behind me overtaking and running in to me. All this with a ton of wakes being thrown around.

    What happened to signaling the vessel in front of you what side you would pass on? What happened to passing at JUST OVER the speed of the vessel in front? What happpened to being responsible for the wake you throw?

    Sorry to vent here, but I am quickly becoming an advocate for required boating classes.
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    I know what you mean. No matter where I go, I see it. The problem really lies in that there is absolutely no requirements for people buying a boat. Only that they can afford to make the payments. If they can issue a DUI to someone driving a boat under the influence, like a car, than they should be able to require people get a license to drive a boat, just like a car.
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      I completely agree with boat licensing... here at my marina I have millions of dollars worth of boats and people go throwing wakes by here all the time. Often its weekenders towing their stupid kids around on tubes.

      What's nice about larger boats (CG registered boats over 5 tons) is that vessel names and documentation numbers are searchable online. If some huge trawler or sportfish throws a wake, within seconds I've got his name and home address. Sadly, that does not go for state registered boats. Does anyone know if name/address info for smaller boats is public information (as in I can call DGIF and find out who is running around with 7 adults and 5 kids without life jackets in a 16' Wahoo)?
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