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opinions on 76 Mako CC

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  • opinions on 76 Mako CC

    guys i'm intrested in purchasing a 76 20' mako center console.

    anybody have any knowledge of how this particular model has held up, or handles in the water?

    are there any things in particular i should be cautious of when buying an older boat like this?

    boat is powered with a 99 yamaha

    outboard, i plan on having a mechanic look at it to to do the proper tests.

    thanks in advance for any info

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    I have a 1979 20' which is a great boat. I run in quite a bit of chop around here and sometimes wish I had a 21 or 22. But in all, it performs great in the water and it is very manageable.

    As for the 90hp, you will find this to be very underpowered. I have a 115 which is still underpowered but just tollerable, especially given the cost of re-powering and due to the fact I usually have my kids on the boat as well.



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      i have a '79 mako20 with a 140 suzuki on it.

      i, too, run through a lot of chop. boat handles it fairly well.

      next addition is gonna be tabs.

      i like the boat a lot. we fish, shrimp and just ride around.

      nice boat for 4 or 5 people.

      good luck. ah, get it surveyed.....
      \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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        i have a 73 mako 20 which is a great boat just a little on the small side for 7! you will find the 90 is really underpowered as i have a friend with a 20 powered by a 115 and it is real sluggish. mine is powered by a 175 which is a little overpowered. i would suggest a 140 or 150 which would be perfect.

        good luck
        3N2, 76 mako 23, marblehead, ma[br]


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          guys thanks for the replies, actually the motor is a 200 hp and since it is fairly new 99' i'm more concerned with the hull.

          i will check for soft spots in the hull and the condition of the gas tank (things I've already learned on this site). can qanyone think of anything else?

          thanks alot for the replies so far and keep em coming, looking forward to purchasing this boat possibly this weekend.