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    Hi all-

    I don't want to overly preach but here is a good reason that we all should wear lifejackets.

    On Saturday evening, I was taking the Mako down the Merrimack River to the Atlantic Ocean for a little cruise and as I was heading out, I noticed a huge aft cabin piece o' shit heading up river throwing up a monster wake. After passing over the wake and cursing at the guy, I saw what I thought was a seal (not uncommon) about a hundred yards off my port bow. As I got closer I realized it was not a seal, but a person. At first it did not hit me....I thought this guy had jumped off his boat and went for a swim in a really bad spot. Then when he started yelling at me, I radio the Coast Guard, swung over, cut the engine, and pulled him aboard. The guy was freezing (water temp was in the high 50's low 60's) and was clearly shaken up.

    I guess he was in his 20 center console when that aft cabin shit box went by and the wake caught him off guard and tossed him out of the boat! He had no life jacket on, and was dressed in jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers. He said the sweatshirt was like a big wet blanket and he had to take it off. He also was lucky that when he slipped overboard, he inadvertantly put the throttle in his boat only drifted away a few hundred yards.This guy is so lucky that the tide was coming in because with an outgoing tide, the Merrimack River current can reach 8 knots.

    I for one have been wearing a Mustang Inflatable life jacket for most of this season. Please be careful out there.

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    I always were one when I'm by myself. Glad you could assist. I just wish the jerk in the big boat was fined. A friend of mines wife has a bad back from that happening. My friend couldn't chase the big boat down to get the name of it due to his wife being in such pain.


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      Good advice, where do you purchase the vest you describe. I would like to get something I could wear all the time.


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        I just posted from the first link that poped up. Mustang is top of the line equipment.[]


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          I always wear my vest and my lanyard (kill switch cord). In my vest i have a hand held gps, vhf and flares. Some people think that im into over kill but Im comin home.


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            My father in law was killed the same way a terd blew by his john boat . he fell over board an coulden move out of the way. Boat spun around an hit him ..Never did find the speeding terd
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              I fish alone a lot day and night here in hawaii. I always were West Marine # 3742103 > It is a co2 inflatable that you wear on the waist.

              It is like one of those belt bags for valuables. I did as per instructions test it at the beach as it requires a little "experience" to know how to inflate and put on on the water.

              It is very unintrusive while fishing. So do not tend to toss it off on hot busy days. It is also very high quality. OTTO>


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                Plain common sense.


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                  In cooler weather, I wear a Mustang Survival bomber jacket.

                  I figure that if I have to wear a jacket, it might as well be a float-coat.
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                    Hey Ed, did you ever catch the name of that boat? I've been fishing the Merrimac for 20 years now and moor my boat at the American yacht club. Every year that river gets worse and worse with traffic. I just love when i'm anchored fishing and one of those party boats goes flying by throwing up a huge wake. The coast guard used to enforce a head way speed up to the tooth pick, I don't know what happened to that. What's the name of your Mako? in case I run by you on the water



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                      good job on the rescue ed!!!
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                        Mr Delgado-

                        Did not catch the name of the boat throwing up the huge was some sort of clorox bottle looking cabin cruiser. The wake was big enough that it temporarily knocked out the electronics in my electronics box.

                        The name of my boat is is 1991 Mako 231.



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                          I like the idea of those Mustang bomber jackets, especially for fishing off Montauk in the early spring or late fall.

                          Anyone have any opinion (safety / visibility) on yellow vs orange vs red?
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                            Trident, I know your boat. Look forward to seeing you on the water. Mine is the Gallatin II (with the siloette of a fly fisherman under the name), at the AYC, it's on the trailer right now though.