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Prepairing fiberglass

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  • Prepairing fiberglass

    This is a good article from "EpoxyWorks mag"

    A better way to prepare fiberglass laminates

    I would have pasted the article here, but there is copyright deal.

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    That article sure makes sense. Looks like it would be a great help preping tight radius areas as well.

    Thanks for the post WH
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      I used an attachment just like that on my 90degree die grinder to strip the gummy/rubbery paint off of the transom in my second biggest screw-up on the project.

      It works like a champ and I can tell that it does a good job prepping the surface becasue it leaves some real nice scratches in the surface. Lots of good area for the new resin to bite into. Now, lemme go look at that article.
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        I read that article a couple of months ago, and finally found where you can buy one of the brushes. Jamestown distributors stocks them, check thier website I think they are aroung 20 bucks, but it sounds like they are worth it. Jamestown is also having a sale on West products this month, if anyone need anything. Prices are great.

        Ed, I hope that this is not unsolicited advertising, I just thought that I would post where you can find the brush. I looked for about a month before I found it.
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