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  • 314 Feedback?

    Looking at the 314 and I'm interested in any feedback you guys might have. How is the quality of these new Makos? What kind of performance can I expect from twin 250's? Any pricing benchmarks? I am particularly concerned about the quality issues. I looked at an 02 model which had very light use but had many spider cracks in the transom area.

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    Quality in new models is way down. Warranty issues have become a real PITA if you can get it fixed at all. Gellcoat cracks are considered cosmetic and are not covered under warranty. Look some where else for another brand of boat.

    Stay away from Yamaha's 250 & 300 HPDI's. Plenty of problems.


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      By "look somewhere else", I don't think that Bobby means you aren't welcome here... I think he means that you should consider a different boat.

      You and any questions that you may have are always welcome here... Just wanted to be sure that you didn't take his reply the wrong way.[]
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        wow, even though that wasn't the intent, that did come off rather abrasive..[:u].. I knew what Warthog was talking about though... []
        Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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          Sorry, That is correct. Welcome Aboard RonRed. I was just talking about the quality of new Mako's. I didn't mean to afend anyone.[]


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            Welcome to the board.

            If you're considering investing some sizeable $$ in a 30' boat, you may want to look at hulls from other companies such as Pursuit, Contender, and SeaVee. They are difficult to find used however.

            Tracker Marine, the parent company of Mako and Seacraft, seems to have some QA problems over the past few years. Some of the new boats come out in great shape, others do not. We all hope they work them out. No company is perfect, but some seem to "get it" faster than others.

            P.S. I've got to disagree with Warthog [] on the Yamaha 250 & 300 HPDIs. The 2003 250's did have a problem that was rectified by an upgrade kit in Aug last year. Since then, there have been few, if any problems. If you do buy a boat with a 250 HPDI on it, make sure he upgrade has been done by a qualified mechanic or buy a 2004 model.

            Good Luck,[]

            Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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              I'll just say that some of these guy's have over $100K in boat's and can't use them. I would be Irate.






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                Thanks guys. No offense taken I read it as constructive feedback. I am struggling to decide between a center console (better for my light tackle and flyrod fishing) and a walk around (more family friendly, I have 3 boys under 3!) in the 28-30ft range. This mako design seems to be a pretty good compromise but with all I've been reading lately about the quality issues I am nervous. All of the problems don't seem to be having an effect on pricing, at least not yet. I have a 200 HPDI on my current boat('89 Mako 211) which has been absolutely flawless. I understand most of the problems have been in the larger hp versions. Should be interesting to see how they do with the F250's which will be the engine of choice for the 30 footers.


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                  Then look toward the Suzuki 250's all good reports and it has a timming chain that runns in a oil bath unstead of a [yamaha timming belt]. It also has a lower gear ratio and bigger prop to jump out of the hole.


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                    [8D][8D][8D] I second the zuk's, everyone that has them has nothing but good things to say [8D][8D][8D]
                    Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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                      So far, my Suzi 140 4 stroke has been like a car. Put in gas turn the key ... I've talked to some other guys on the water that just love theirs, too.
                      Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171


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                        I sea trialed a 2002 recently. It is big and light. I was not impresseed at all with the quality. Latches, transom hatch and hinges pretty inexpensive. All switches showed corrosion and were poorly marked and overly done, something my 10 year old might do. The Mercury engines 225 were under powered for this boat 250-300 would be prefered but boat has max HP of 500? The transom had hairline cracks around corners and in front of console. Probably a good boat for inshore but I would carry an EPIRB if you are going to take it deep. I hope they fix these in new models. I guess you get what you pay for.....