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Mako 19 Plans Available?

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  • Mako 19 Plans Available?


    I just purchased an old, I mean old Mako 19. It's a 1972, a real classic, and I would like to restore it.

    Does anyone know if original plans / drawings are available and if so, from whom. The structure of the boat was altered by (one of) the previous owners and I would like to know how it was originally built before I undertake further alterations.

    Specifically, I would like to het a copy of the original Lines Plan and Hul COnstruction plan.

    If anyone has any ideas, please e-mail me.


    Sean Fawcett

    [email protected]

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    Sorry Sean, that's not going to happen. The original Lines Plan and Hul COnstruction plan are protected by copyright. If the were available a mold could be made from them and start production.


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      I'm sorry to hear that, although I'm not really surprised.

      However, speaking as a yacht designer, it's still kind of silly. We all love our Makos for various reasons but not because they are the state of the art. In the thirty five years since mine was built, hull design and construction techniques have come a long way. There are plenty of new boats available which are far more capable than the old Makos.

      For someone to take the plans for an old Mako 19 and put it into production would be similar to someone starting a new car company based upon the design and engineering of a 1965 Mustang. While emotionally compelling, it would still be a bad business decision.

      That being said, I will try to gather whatever information is available and am certainly thankful to have found this web site as I am sure it will provide a wealth of insight and information.

      As a starter, does anywhat know what the design flotation freeboards should be? My boat has a Mariner 150 which is pretty big for her and I think she's pretty far down by the stern.

      Thanks all.



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        I was told by one of the newer engineers that was working at Mako in the late 90's that all "paperwork" for those older boats was destroyed along with the orginal molds. Having a '73 22 myself, I was also shocked when I heard it, but was told that they needed the space and as Mako would never build any of those hulls again, there was no need for them to keep anything associated with those hulls. It's a shame now as there is none of the orginal design engineers etc. left working there so there is no one who really knows the boats inside and out like the orginial designers would.
        1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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          I feel your pain Sean, me being the owner of a 1972 19' classic myself. Never even bother posting knowing I wouldnt be able to locate such plans...what a bummer.

          Anyways in regards to your freeboard and scupper question, my mako has a 150hp Johnson sittin on the back and my scuppers are clear of the water. Sits relatively low compared to if a V-4 was hung on the transom but none the less your mariner should be ok on your hull.

          And oh yeah, your boat is gonna move with a 150 pushing it [:x)].
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