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Trailer brakes - disk , drum, make ?

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  • Trailer brakes - disk , drum, make ?

    I hear that disks are the way to go for trailer brakes, and that

    Kodiak is the brand to go with. Why Kodiak, and are other brands

    just as good ?

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    You heard right. The other brand of disc's is TieDown. That's what I have on my trailer. I don't have any experiance with them as the trailer has sat in the garage for 3yrs. It's never been in the water.

    I've heard some reports of TieDown calipers sticking. Don't even think about putting drums on it. Flush system or not everything still rust's away. rust will form on the insde of the drum and lock the wheels up if not rolled on a regular basis.


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      Just bought a tandem Rolls Axle trailer to pull the "new to me" 1985 Mako 20C. It has Kodiak disc brakes. Knew I would be pulling long distances and a lighter tow vehicle than I would really like so a quality braking system was a must. Just pulled it yesterday 425 miles one way with a 1991 Toyota 4 Runner. Getting up to speed was a little slow....but stopping, no problems at all. When stopping, I hardly knew it was back there. Peace of mind well worth the extra $.

      When looking around for a new trailer, all the manufacturers I checked with were putting on the Kodiak disc brakes and some no longer offered drum brakes at all.

      Hope it helps and good luck.


      1985 Mako 20C
      -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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        If you have the choice, go with disk brakes. Drum brakes work, but they require more maintenance and flushing with fresh water after being submerged. If you don't have a "flush kit" installed that allows you to get fresh water into the drum itself, drum brakes will corrode very quickly. Disk brakes can be hosed off quickly and easily.

        I have drum brakes on my 10 year old EZ-Loader and I flush them every time -- before I flush my engine! I actually do it at the ramp as soon as the boat & trailer are out.

        Man, that wind is howling!

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        Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL