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  • Jack plate question

    Hi Guys,

    I have a jack plate that came with that Honda. Im thinking about putting it on my 17. As it is now I can get about 55 mph out of my boat at 5000 rpms. Im tring to get 65 out of her and im wondering if a plate will help me get there? What are the pros and cons of a plate on a boat that small?

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    Is that a GPS timed 55? What year is your 17? The reason I ask is that I have a '94 171 with a 140 suzuki 4stroke and I can get about 40mph out of it wot at 6000?
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      Yes that is speed by the gps. I can only do it with a light load of fuel. My average is 50. My boat is a 72 and we have re jetted the carbs on my 150 to bring it up. Dry weight is 1200 lbs and im still working on rhe prop. A friend of mine has a 74 17 standard with a 200 merc efi and he is getting 68mph out of his.


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        You may look into a set of Boysen reed valves. My buddy ran a set on a 175 and what a difference. 10 is a lot to gain though, keep us posted.

        And I thought our 115 had plenty of scoot. You guys are nuts.


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