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Long distance Mako trip

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  • Long distance Mako trip

    Well gents, and ladies (Capt. Andy's wife)...

    I took my 1991 Mako 231 on it's longest voyage, 216 miles roundtrip from Newburyport, MA to just east of the Cape Cod Canal in an effort to chase football bluefin tuna. I covered 57 miles on day one and did the remaining 159 miles on day 2. I met up with Trayder from ClassicSeacraft and his rebuilt 20. Scott McLeod also from ClassicSeacraft joined me for the part of the voyage that took us south of Boston. The tuna were feeding at the surface but were not biting anything we threw out them. Better luck next time, right?

    The boat performed flawlessly and did not burn all that much fuel. Put in a 70 gallons before I left (which had gauge reading about 3/4 full) and put in another 70 gallons on the way home and when I finally got home, gauge was reading about 3/4 full. Is it possible that I only burned 70 gallons? My engine is a 1998 Suzuki 225 EFI and I was running mostly between 3800 and 4100 rpms during the trip.

    Besides running into fog on the way home, the only other problem I had was with the GPS getting bad satellite reception that caused me to reinitialize once when I was down in the Bay. Is this normal because I was so far away from home??


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    Ed, the only sure way to tell is with a fuel flow meter. 70 gallons sounds a bit on the optimistic side to me. That would put you at an average of just over 3 mpg.

    As a comparison, last year I did two offshore runs in my 20' Grady covering rougly 100 miles each day. That consisted of running 30 miles out, trolling approx. 8 hrs at 6 kts and then running home. I topped off the tank prior to leaving and she took 43 gallons each day when we returned.

    In any event, glad to hear the trip went well and the boat performed as it should. I think the GPS thing is a normal occurrence and I wouldn't worry about it unless it continues. []

    BTW - I haven't forgotten about those rod holders. Just trying to see if the funds are there with this transom replacement coming up. []
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      If that is the true number then I would not complain. Last fill up for me was 96.5 miles @ 45 gals. Not bad range for an 86 gal tank. I hope it gets a little better when the paint comes off the bottom.
      2003 Boston Whaler 255 Conquest w/ twin 200 HPDI\'s. MA & ME