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    Any thoughts on Beckson deck plates? I want to replace my two 8" round access holes with screw in covers so they won't pop out. This seems to be the best match for the cheap ones that Mako put on. Pictures at

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    That's not a problem. It has been suggested by Reel Easkles over on THT to replace the "O" ring eack year and use some Vasoline on it. The hardware store will have the "O" rings at a much cheaper price.


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      Let me rework the question. Currently, I have the press in deck plates that seal with an o-ring but I want screw in plates for more security. I saw talk about Bomar and Armstrong but nothing about Beckson. I don't want to call NASA to see if they have anymore of those hatches that Warthog stole!


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        OK I'm bad[%] Yes install the screw in ones and still follow the instructions above.[]


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          I have a 1984 Mako 20 and have yet to find the correct size plates. One would think that an 8 inch plate would work, but it doesn't. The plates that I have found have an 8" ID of the frame and my cutout in my deck is 8 inches. This makes a 1/4" discrepancy or more for the fit. I really don't want to cut on my deck just to get a plate to fit. Maybe someone has had the same problems. I have tried 3 different plate manufacturers and still no luck. Beckson was one of them.


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            Gadget064 that's really a nobrainer. The pie hole covers are usually to small. Mark it and cut it for the larger pie hole cover.

            If you want to make things last, you need to over bore the screw holes and fill them with epoxy/cabisol. Then redrill the holes in the middle of the epoxy/cabisol. That will keep any water leak in the screws away from the wood deck. Also seal the endgrain where you made the cut larger.

            If it's in the deck where you walk on top of it. I like to use the router to cut a rabbit so the pie hole is flush with the deck.