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Trailering tip..Can it....

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  • Manasotamako
    Wanted to Bump this with all the trailer chatt going on and save you guys-n-gals some fuel $$$

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  • Manasotamako
    started a topic Trailering tip..Can it....

    Trailering tip..Can it....

    I just sent this to SWS mag, Hope they use it, and here is a great way for all my Salty friends to save a buck $$$ []

    Salty Trailer and Brakes ? "Can" it.!

    Trailer springs, brakes, rims and hardware take their biggest salt hit while we are on the water.

    We all rinse or wash our equipment when we get home, yet the worst salt hit is just after we launch, and the salt gets to cook onto or into nice expensive trailer parts and hardware at the ramp.

    "Can it" Firefighters call the standard 2 1/2 gallon Water Fire Extinguisher, " The Can".

    These can be found very reasonable (used $10-$30) or (new $70-$110) at most Extinguisher shops, internet auctions, flee markets etc. Use your "Can" to Rinse your trailer after you park it, then just refill with water and 100psi compressed air, at home or a service station before your next trip.

    You can even add a spoonful of dish soap to the Can as you fill it. "Wetwater Extinguisher".

    Empty its 7-8 lbs, aprox 24" tall and 9" round. Takes little space in your truck, extends the life of your gear, and you've added class "A" fire protection while charged. [^]

    Jim Costa Sarasota, Florida