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  • t top height

    I am in the process of building a boat shed for the mako 25 that I will be buying this fall. She does not have a t top and I will be getting one this winter. I am 5-10 so a standard t top should work.

    About how high should the top be from the floor?

    Thanks Mark
    76 Mako 25 W/Twin 150 suzukis[br]Jennings,La

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    Wait a min. Do you want to know how tall to build the boat shed? or do you want to know how tall to build the T-top?

    I can tell you that your average center console w/T-top will not go under a 10ft door. The walls in my shop are 14ft high, so that I could install a 12ft tall door.


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      Sorry wart, that was not very clear. I am building a shop to put my boat in and I am trying to figure how high the entrance needs to be. From the ground to the top of the console is about 9 feet and I will be adding a t top this winter.

      Thanks, Mark
      76 Mako 25 W/Twin 150 suzukis[br]Jennings,La


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        Seven foot high T-top will provide room for the electronics box and allow you clear vision below box. Of course that depends on the size of the box and your height. Don't forget the radar dome height for clearance even if you don't have one now.

        The type of trailer you use affects the height also. Roll-offs are going to require more height than float-ons.

        In my case 12' height was needed. That covered me for roll-off trailer as well as the radar dome. We used a 12' high, 10' wide door, but 12' width would have done a much better job.

        Ole Joe
        Just floundering around
        Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
        1978 Mako 25, Sold


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          The door in my shop is 12ft tall and 14ft wide roll up. I just wish I'd made the shop 40ft deep now. It's 30X30.

          I'm planning a motorhome style carport. 12ft wide due to setbacks X 14ft tall and 40ft long.

          I'm planning ahead for radar dome and the fold down crows net on top of the hardtop.


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            Thanks guys for the info.I'm building it 14 ft high,15 ft wide and 32 ft long. I already have a shop so this building only needs to house the boat and its equiptment.

            Man let me tell you finding this site is the best thing I ever found on the net.I have learned a great deal from you guys the only problem now is that my wife is questioning me about all the time i'm spending on the computer.

            That a great looking rig flounder,thanks for the pix.

            Thanks again Mark
            76 Mako 25 W/Twin 150 suzukis[br]Jennings,La


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              As to your 32ft depth. My trailer is 27 1/2ft long. The boat is 23ft long.+ Plus the bracket is another 30in long and then the motors.

              Bump it out at least another 4ft.


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                [][][]hi mark, normally outside ring is 6 ft 7 in normally....we have done mako 25 s that from ground to top of top is 12ft 12 ft 7 .......jim hope this helps.[(#)]
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