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1993 Mako 21' Hull - glass or composite ?

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  • 1993 Mako 21' Hull - glass or composite ?

    A boat ad for 93 Mako 21 CC indicates hull as fiberglass/composite.

    What's the composite section ?

    I thought the entire hull was fiberglass ?

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    Fiberglass reinforced plastic is considered a composite.
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      More regarding 93' Mako hull: Reason I ask if all fiberglass is

      upon inspection of the very bottom of the hull V, toward the front,

      I noticed about a 1/2" long thin section where the outer hull ( or is it gel coat) is missing. This outer section appears about 1/4" deep.

      Can see the fiberglass a little bit under it.

      Owner believes it may be from hitting bottom and such.

      Is this "outer" hull the composite, and how is it best fixed ?


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        I used a Keel Sheild on my 17. I personaly yhink this is the best thing I could have done to my keel. Its very easy to install and dosnt efect performance at all. In fact I found my boat tracks better at low speed.


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          Based on your description, I think you're referring to a "Void" in the fiberglass/resin along the "V". That happens from time to time -- I had one on my 224.

          What happens is that as the glass & resin is laid, it's hand rolled (that's where they get the term "Hand laid glass construction") to get the air pockets out. The "V" section is tough to get to and very messy. Occasionally there's a bubble that forms and when the resin hardens, it makes a void. Vacumm bagging construction significantly reduces this.

          It's not really a big problem -- you'll have little or no water intrusion. The void just needs to be scored out to expose it all, then filled in with glass/resin. Since it's on the keel, you really don't have to gelcoat it.

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            I too have a Keel Shield on my 21. A piece of mind and real protection from groundings and trailers.


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              What is the Keel shield made of?
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                I says it's made of polymers of some sort. Here's the link


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