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Bilge pump wires

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  • Bilge pump wires

    has any one pulled the bilge pump wires through the tube on a Mako 282. The wires on my boat seem to be wire tied to other wires in the tube. Does any one know if they are wire tied to some other wires from the factory?

    Tanks Larry, the wires were wire tied and I did what you said cut them off and than pulled them out. Pulled new wire for all four pumps as well as the bait tank lights.

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    I don't have a 282 but mine were wire tied to the harness inside the tube.

    Since I was replacing the bilge pump wires anyway I just cut them off on either end and pulled new wires through.
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      Replacing the wires as mentioned is your best bet - That will give you piece of mind that it is done properly and new wires in a wet bilge area never hurt anything.
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