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Anyone read the new Boatus mag?

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  • Anyone read the new Boatus mag?

    Big article on a 1998 Mako 282s transom problem quote in the middle of the page "Eventually the hull will fail and may result in the transom disconnecting from the hull . seems like Mako(tracker Marine) shot themselves in the ffot by not respoding to Boatus

    "Boatus attempts to mediate the dispute with tracker Marine ,Makos parent company, Recieved no response"

    Bad press for Mako will cost them more than the 30g to replace that hull
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    I read that article last night....pretty interesting and definitely bad news for Mako, which is too bad. I wish Robert Schwebke never sold the company.

    Anyway, I heard similar stories over on THT about problem Makos being bought back and resold to unsuspecting customers. A lawyer on THT actually recognized a boat that Mako bought back from his client and then resold to someone else as a demo. Scary stuff..

    Thank god I have a Schwebke model.



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      Now for some of the "rest of the story"

      Prior to their move, I was at the plant in Miami picking up my 2002 George Poveromo Edition 282. (our 2nd from George) I got some pic's of all the Blem Hulls in the back lot. I had inquired about purchase price for members and friends who did'nt mind a "blem". Well a certain friend at Mako never got back to me and I found that the structural flawed were destroyed, a few were referbed and sold to ex-employees and their friends dirt cheep. Well after selling and changing hands a few more times, THAT (Blemished 282) made it into the hands of an attorney type person who decided to fight for a new hull, Hey and at a 3rd hand Blem price. Go figure!! Yes they fought and Won so Mako/Tracker has to follow through with the Coast Guards Findings of that particular hull. (Has anyone heard of any other 282 having the same transom crack failure) let me know please!

      I Have inspected My hull and know of 3 other 282s in our area without the structure cracks refered in their required notice.

      Yes I do have a few hairline stress cracks but not in the areas specified, and not the size or depth mentioned.

      I will for sure keep a close eye on those areas, and have full confidance in the company making any future problem rite.

      And on another note!! [] Would anyone here be interested in the 2003 George Poveromo Edition with some new Verados on her. Contact me for details.

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