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231 Fuel Tank Question

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  • 231 Fuel Tank Question

    I just bought a 1989 231 CC that had been sitting for 3 yrs. Due to this I had approx. 70 gallons of old fuel pumped out. I believe the folks at the marina removed the sending unit and float to pump out the old fuel. When this was reinstalled it was not tightened down well and fuel leaked out at the gasket. I have tightened this and is no longer leaking.

    A very small amount of fuel was leaked and trapped. Vapors prove this. I have been airing out from the access plate at the sending unit as well as under the console. Is their any wat to remove the leaked fuel

    and vapors without pulling the tank and adding any more moisture to that area? I am afraid the fuel has been absorbed into foam? Will the gas evaporate and no longer be detected?

    Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks.

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    I would think that if you leave it open for a while, particularly in the hot sun, it will take care of itself.

    May I ask how much it cost to get the old fuel removed and disposed of, and who you got to do it? May have to do the same myself soon. Thanks.

    Berlin MA & Boothbay Harbor, ME[br]1981 21 (maybe)


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      The marina is a small OMC dealer in Northern Michigan and they only charged me the mechanics time, no disposal fee.


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        Hi David-

        I have a 1991 Mako 231. Last summer while I was running off Nantucket, one of the screws on the sending unit stripped, and gas started leaking into the gas tank coffin. I went to the dock, opened all the hatches/acess plates and went and bought some permatex gasket material, a new sending unit gasket, a tap and some screws. I retapped the stripped screws (making sure no fillings got into the tank), put some permatex on the screws and under the gasket and reassembled everything.

        Then, I waited 24 hours for the permatex to dry (left hatches open) and for all the vapors/spillage to evaporate. Short of pulling the tank out completely, that is about all you can do.

        Before you fire her up, stick your nose in the bilge and under the console and take a good should not smell anything.

        If you're really concerned, remove the tank and replace it with a new one. That tank on that 89 is probably nearing the end of its useful life anyway. As long as I can find space to work this winter, my tank is getting replaced.

        Good luck.



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          When I had a leak in the Al fill tube on my '73 22 I found that I would only get a gas smell when I fueled the boat, since the gas was leaking out the hole that had been cooroded in the fill tube. I opened up the CC and the builge hatch and after several hours in the hot sun the gas smell went away. You may need to leave it open longer hovever, because you may have more gas to evaporate. Stick you nose under the CC and in the builge - it will tell you when it's safe to start that engine. Good luck

          1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]